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  1. im so glad to find that im not alone in the "ufo" topic. it does suck to have ppl bash you down cause you dont have proof, or cause they havent seen their own. but theyre usually so beautiful and mesmerizing you cant do anything but stare. and i understand this. actually, those ppl who try to quickly deny that they might actually exist, i suspect they or someone around them works in the government. maybe. to those who want to see, i notice they often are spotted around big land masses, wide spaces. so for me it was extra strange to see it so close by, and so bright it literally lit up the sky around it. if i could calculate to my best ability, i would have to say it was 50 or less feet away. seriously, like right over the building across. but back then i lived in the 12th floor, and the building it was over was a short one, so it was directly across from us. and it was moving very very slowly toward a bridge, i suspect since some ppl have spotted them over water and then seeing them vanish, water might be the cause, not to say the only cause, of their sightings. maybe a fuel source. as for us, maybe to continue their race through ours. but i believe they use the healthiest of us. as i said, it was so close i could see the detail. it looked like metal sheets but for some reason they were glowing, i dont know how metal sheets can glow so blue like that. i also know how to tell the difference of a plane, bird, balloon, or blimp. BECAUSE I COULD SEE THE DETAIL!!!!!!! im sorry for writing so much, im very excited. its terrific that anytime i bring up the ufo sightings, anywhere, i find more witnesses to this phenomenon, though it would hardly be one since i believe about half of the world has seen their fair share. those who havent seen, you might have but not noticed, either because of speed, invisibility perhaps, or maybe you didnt look up at the time. sometimes, i feel like theyre always hovering directly over us, but completely hidden in plain sight. this thought makes me feel a sense of danger as well as protectiveness, since im not sure which it is. LOOK!! about aliens: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread569966/pg1 (scroll down to see the majestic 12 pages) http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopol...formation19.htm (i found this too long ago to remember)
  2. lol!!! they were two ppl in suits, it was HILARIOUS!! but my favorite is to fly. and this other dream i had, not lucid, a t-rex poked his eye into some bus i was hiding in, and i widened my eyes to wake up and it worked. i think there are also times where i remember falling to the ground, or climbing right out the window.
  3. and how old are you, 10? before you tell me what to do, you shouldnt just be a member. you have no word in this as much as i do, so get off your high-horse. also, since you have selected READING, i spoke about my tamagotchi dying. so whats the problem cause i dont see one except for you.
  4. well, lets see... whats on your mind... well, i wouldnt really vote for the one i came up with lol there are so many different sections to write in, it might be difficult to come up with one that isnt like one thats already made. i would say im new though old, just left tamatalk for a while. im usually one to read instructions...like any food box, ill take out or put in the exact amount of sugar grains. so its unusual for me to ignore it, but i did. and i guess ill try not to. I really love iron chef.
  5. There have been many sightings around the world, but in New York City? Not too often. Me and 4 other family members on an October night when I was around the age of 11 or 12 saw a neon blue saucer. I can draw it out, we had no camera to prove but I will never forget it. I even drew it while watching it, but my mom threw the picture away saying it was garbage. Yeah...she thought it was garbage...right. She gets worried when we talk about it, even worse, there were times when she tried to say it was a blimp. It was moving slowly, the belt had bulbs and spun the poopsite of therest of the saucer, my eyes were better then so i could see details from a distance without glasses. another time, later on in life, maybe 16-19, you know how ppl say "A watched pot never boils"? I was boiling water for spaghetti, and was staring at the water to watch until the saying was proved wrong. I'd do this sometimes, it felt almost like therapy. I was very relaxed, which I'm taking note of.. and I just happened to look at the direction of the window, seeing a ball of light the size of a baseball float straight from the window and moved in a straight line, and curved out of the kitchen to the living room. Me, I was standing. It wasn't fast but wasn't slow. And I didn't feel danger. I actually felt warmth and comfort. It was around the afternoon, but still daylight. I've been told by ppl it was an abduction, and they switched my memory and feeling with the one which took place. some ppl call it a ball lightning, a phenomenon which occurs when thunder hits the ground and i think another hits at a cetain point that it clashes and a ball of electricity (very dangerous) floats for a short time. But, I was the only one in the house who saw it though it left the kitchen, and ppl were hanging around the house. My mother says it was Spiritu Santo...I might not be spelling it right. The holy spirit. My mom has seen these balls of light, but several at once. And she said she was also not afraid. Now, you better believe that after all of this, my interests are pointed toward one direction now...to find out anything I can about other being outside the world. I've heard of a college called SETI, looking around for colleges directly concentrated in the communications with extraterrestrial beings. I feel like our meeting with all of them is inevitable, since I feel like they may greet us after death. And greet is a wishful word. So, any other UFO sightings?? Or anything, what do you think?
  6. WONDERFUL. it should be called 'whats on your tamagotchi mind??' HAHA!!! :P
  7. lucid dreaming is to control everything right? ive had so many of those, there was one time i made ppl slap eachother for no reason lol.. but usually when i know im dreaming, i take advantage of the situation and my feet leave the ground. ive flown countless times in my dreams, and i love it.
  8. mmhmm. i noticed. thanks for that. but am i really the only one who finds it weird that its called 'whats on your mind' if it isnt really?
  9. Another of my tamagotchis died. a while ago, but now theyre all paused. Also, im hungry.
  10. i just figured, well, i should put the topic 'mulligan' in the 'what's on your mind' section cause it was on my mind. iron chef is a very good show, i was expressing what was on my mind literally about what was happening to the cable, a total 30 minutes of loading, over like 3 times. anyways, i didnt know the 'what's on your mind' section only referred to the tamagotchi topic. i figured it was for what it was called. my...mistake?? it...confused me??
  11. ive heard from a friend halo reach is really good, me, ive yet to play all the ones youve played, thats to say i only play one halo game. the only time the brutes arent scary is when theyre your allies, then its like 'koooool!' cause you can go right up to their faces..their faces look like a muscle with no skin its so weird!! but theyll friggin ram right into you with full force, its so funny how my whole body will react sometimes to it or ill make a painful sound aloud lol the graphics are also fantabulous, it makes me want to get into game design or something.
  12. so it seems like almost every topic ive posted has to be corrected, or ill be ordered around to do what they would prefer. so i replied to my own topic. i meant to reply, it was a different statement. im not sure why things here have to be specific to the point of being un-fun to even write anything here. is it my age that youre getting at me because of, or the fact that i want to sell my tamas to someone directly living in manhattan?? (now, i bet this will be sent somewhere else cause i said the word trade..) i see ppl making copies of older topics. how are you guys allowed? IS THERE SOME SPECIAL THING GOING AROUND HERE THAT IM NOT A PART OF?? please, correct this one too. order me on what i should do with MY TOPIC, PLEASE! i know itll happen im just waiting. so whats wrong with my topic now??