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  1. Public school. About 2300+ people, grades 11 and 12.
  2. Hey Soul Sister (Glee Cast Version) gosh, I love Darren Criss <3`
  3. Waking up. That's when I'm sleepiest. Sleep itself makes me sleepy. More sleep = drowsiness. Less sleep = alertness.
  4. Fro yo. Tights, but that's normal. Jamba Juice's White Gummi Bear. Headbands. Sweaters. High waisted shorts (with tights!) Shoes, namely boots, booties, and oxfords.
  5. ROFL. I post/reblog a lot of stuff with James, bahaha.

  6. And I'm thankful for you! And that picture of James you posted on tumblr. (:

  7. Happy thanksgiving. I'm thankful for you.

  8. That's How You Know, off the Enchanted soundtrack. (:
  9. On The Road by Jack Kerouac. I need to start Huck Finn, because it's due in like 2 weeks! D:
  10. I have a couple of ideas. After high school, I'm going to college. Period. My mom wants me to go to UT Austin, because it's instate and a good school. I'm going to apply there because she wants me to but it's really not my first choice school. Ideally, I would like to go to Boston. BU has a great communications program and doing Journalism there would be amazing. They have lots of overseas internships as well which all sounds amazing. I'm also looking into Emerson which is basically dedicated to the arts. I'd love to go there and double major in screenwriting (<3) and journalism. I definitely want to do either broadcast or convergence journalism. Preferably the latter, as it's up and coming and I just love online journalism. Love it. My dream film school is definitely Chapman University in California. Expensive, but it's be amazing. Mizzou is my safe school. Not only can I get in there with a decent SAT score (I'm at the mid 2000s right now, so based on that, I've already met their CR and M requirements) and with my current GPA and class rank etc. but they also have an amazing J-School.
  11. Yes! It was absolutely perfect! I cried twice and almost cried two other times. I loved the way they started it.
  12. I saw the movie last night and I have to say, it was the best one yet. The perfect blend of emotions.
  13. The Social Network. I love David Fincher, I love this film. It was beautifully executed. And I get the feeling I'm really going to enjoy Deathly Hallows on Thursday.
  14. I'm reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac right now. It's absolutely beautiful, I'm in love with his writing style.
  15. So, in trying to be like you and stay up late I was told to go to bed and was therefore not given my full opportunity to do so. Rubbish. xD