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    I like tamagotchis, Animal Crossing, The Sims, anything Joss Whedon-related, Harry Potter, and completing TV series and questioning the meaning of my life.

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  1. If you're looking for a tamagotchi-like virtual pet, I'd highly recommend Hatchi. I have it on my iPod, but I'm sure it's also available for the iPad as well. It's just like having a tamagotchi on your device. It's 99 cents though.
  2. Umm I have to wake up for school in about 5 hours and I still have homework to do. Woops.

  3. Well my personal favourite is the V3. However, the V4 is basically the same thing, just with the added school/job feature as well as different games. I don't know much about the V4.5, but I'm guessing it's not much different from the V4.
  4. Hey there, just thought I'd tell you that I mentioned you in my tama-log. :D Happy Halloween!

    1. Tinkalila


      Thank you! And Happy (late) Halloween to you too!

  5. Entry 6 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I can't believe it's already over actually. I didn't get very many trick-or-treaters, but oh well, more candy for me, hehehe. So today was quite eventful. First, Buffy finally had a baby! She got matched up by the Matchmaker to a Hashizoutchi, and they had a little girl who Buffy now proudly shares her screen with. Also, since it was Halloween, I dressed Buffy up in these cute wings that I bought her at the shop a while ago. In other news, I took part in Tinkalila's Halloween Hatch (you can find it in the Group Hatchings board). I decided to finally hatch my V4. At first it turned out to be a girl, but since I was hoping for my V4 to mate with Buffy's daughter in the future, I rehatched it till it became a boy. His name is Xandr (didn't have room for "Xander"), and when Buffy leaves, I will name her daughter Anya. (Seriously, if you guys have never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, these names and their significance must just go right over your heads, huh...) Teehee, future mates. Xandr did turn into a toddler, but then he went straight to bed, and since I can't turn on the lights on the V4, I'll have to wait till tomorrow to check what he is and take pictures. But I do remember that he was cute. Anyway, I'm gonna head off now. I doubt I'm gonna feel too good tomorrow after eating so much chocolate... But oh my goodness, is it crazy that I'm already super excited for Christmas?? And it's not just the presents, I just love the snow, and the decorations, and the Christmas movies... I think I love it more than Halloween. I hope I'm still playing through my generations on my V3 by then. I don't know how long I'll be playing my V4 for. To be honest, I don't really like the idea of taking care of two tamas because I hate to favour one over the other... We'll see how it goes. P.S. I think it's adorable how Buffy and her baby sleep next to one another... When is Buffy going to leave her?? I don't quite remember, is it the night they go to sleep after the baby is born (as in TONIGHT?) or does she leave after 24 hours? I have no idea... If any of you know, I'd appreciate a PM. Goodnight!
  6. Happy Halloween!! Alright, I hatched my tama around 7:40pm I think? At first it was a girl, but I wanted it to be able to mate with my V3 who is a girl, so I rehatched it till it was a boy. So it's on my V4. His name is Xandr, and he turned into a toddler but then he went straight to sleep, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to check what kind he is and take pics. You can also check out my tamalogs for more posts. I hope you guys had a good Halloween and a good hatching!
  7. Not many trick-or-treaters tonight.. Oh well, more candy for me! :)

  8. Also, I wouldn't mind getting Mario Kart, Nintendogs + Cats, and maybe the Art Academy one, although I'm not very artistically talented.
  9. Entry 5 I'm quite disappointed in myself. I tend to keep Buffy's sound off, and because of that, I didn't hear her beeping all morning and I forgot to check on her. When I realized, I rushed to her in hopes she didn't die... She didn't, I was so relieved. But she was starving and very unhappy. I fed her lots of food and treats though and then played games with her. From now on, I'll be sure to keep the sound on, heh. Buffy is now 8 years old, and she's been getting visits from the Matchmaker. It's sad to say that soon it'll be time for her to have a baby and then leave me. Tomorrow on Halloween, I'll be taking part on the Halloween Hatch that's going on in the Group Hatchings board, and so I'll be hatching my V4 that I mentioned in my first entry. I'll also have Buffy get set up with the Matchmaker tomorrow, so then both my V3 and my V4 will be adults at about the same time and they can produce babies together! Sounds like a good plan to me. That's pretty much the most exciting thing I have going for me tomorrow for Halloween. I didn't make any plans with friends, so instead I'll be carving my pumpkin I bought today (Buffy came with me to the pumpkin patch by the way), I'll probably watch some scary movies, and eat the candy I'm supposed to hand out to trick-or-treaters, hehe. I bought some bat wings in the shop for Buffy to put on tomorrow too. It'll be a good Halloween, a quiet one, but relaxing.
  10. Getting a pumpkin to carve today yay :)

  11. Just bought Taylor Swift's Limited Edition of her RED CD. Oh yeah.

    1. Bigdaddy46


      I did 2 days ago

  12. Entry 4 Warning: Picture Spam Oh my gosh, I am so excited. Okay, so today was just a regular school day. I paused Buffy this morning before I left while she was sleeping. I came home and unpaused her, and shortly after she transformed into like, the cutest adult tamagotchi ever! She is now a Violetchi! AAHHHH! As I was typing this, Buffy started dancing up close to the screen, I just rushed to take pictures of it, I am dying from the cuteness omg! Omg, now she's singing!!! *Takes more pictures* Hehe, okay I'm done. Sorry for the picture spam, but everyone likes pictures right? I am so happy about how cute Buffy is. In the past when I cared for tamas, they always turned out to be quite ugly ones... Does that make me a bad TamaParent? For loving little Buffy more because she's cute? But... but... LOOK HOW CUTE! I was planning on having her get matched by the Matchmaker eventually and continue on with the generations, but now I'm really gonna miss Buffy when she leaves. I'm going to miss her cuteness. Also, yesterday I took her out for the first time even though I hid her in my pocket the whole time... We went to the library with a friend of mine. It made me wonder how many other people in my city were possibly carrying around a tamagotchi... Probably not very many these days. Today I'm getting my hair cut, and then I have to go to the mall to buy a new outfit for my Grad Ceremony tomorrow (pretty exciting huh?) so I'll bring my cutie little Buffy with me. But I'll most likely leave her in my pocket the whole time lol. But I'll play with her a bit in the car.
  13. Age: 18 Gender: Male Country: Canada Comments: Please don't forget about us North Americans! We still love tamagotchi and are willing to buy new ones you release in our country.
  14. You start a new generation every time your tamagotchi has a baby and you raise their baby.