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  1. There should be some differences between the Japanese and Western tamagotchis in content (apart from the appearance) as some of you posted Bandai's reponse that they would tailor their products to suit different markets... But all the animations, vehicles, holidays, food, etc. in TMGC+C are of Japanese style/culture, then if they are to produce an English version of TMGC+C, then there will be huge modifications involved... Besides, many said that the Japanese ones have all these complicated features like cooking, harder games, lots of jobs and the characters take longer to grow up whereas the western ones have tones of characters, simpler games and a shorter life... Do you think that Bandai will preserve the Japanese style/culture when they introduce the English version of TMGC+C? Actually I don't see any problem in preserving the Japanese style/culture... you see many Japanese movies and games, e.g. Japanese NDS games, etc., they all show their own Japanese style without modifications... and if the kids can play some complicated NDS games, I don't see that they would think Japanese TMGC are too difficult to play and handle... Moreover, I am afraid that, for the sake of convenience, Bandai will just make all the Japanese conversations involved in TMGC+C into ".. ... ..." (dots)... When I play TamaWalkie (though it doesn't have Japanese version), the conversations between the Tamas are in ".. .... ... ... ....." except those simple phrases like "Hello", "Thank you", "So speedy", etc... Does Bandai think that English conversations are too long to be displayed on the screen???? I am now pondering if I should wait for the English version of TMGC+C or buy the Japanese one... I want the Japanese style/culture, their harder and more complicated sort of rearing/features, and those conversations... but I don't know Japanese... and I even don't know how to type out the Japanese words to get translations in the internet, too...
  2. Does it mean that it can now be purchased in Asia??