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  1. Kuromi is soooo awesome

  2. ok well its not Saturday but I've started it today. I'm naming her muse cuz you guys did not PM ... moo heads Anyway her toy is a horse and instrument guitar anyway yeah stats are duh so see ya later
  3. Hi guys you might of remember my old logs but now I lost my music star boo hoo but I got new one today but I'm not starting till Saturday so guys hvae to wait till then. Pm me some names ps sorry for the bad writing I'm doing this in my iPod bye see you guys saterday
  4. Black with blonde highlights so my natural hair is black but has gone kinda brown...
  5. I don't have much charries Spike something (male) [is one of my two mains in Fallen angels and risen devils] {Kinda current but that Rp died so not really} Lacy something (Girl) [^] (Something is not their last name) {Ditto} Jasmine (Girl) [My only charrie in what it feels like to die] {Rp kinda died so not in proper use} Jazz Marmalade (Girl) [From Fashion,Modeling,dance and football] {Um yeah Rp died so yeah} Tom (M) [Ditto] {Ditto} Coco (f) [Ditto] {ditto} So yeah I'm not in any live rps so yeah. () = Gender e.g (girl) []= What Rp e.g [What it feels like to die] {} = e.g {Kinda current but that Rp died so not really}
  6. Choose black but i think you should just get i phone or i pod touch... Buts its your life ... I have an ipod touch...
  7. Hi guys sorry but I need to get a new battery for my tama so bye for now until I get a new battery
  8. Hi guys well um Julia turned into a ICHIGOTCHI!!! um I was speaking So So? SO? YOU SAY SO!! Woah dude chillax ...(Well that was a change of personaity) I CAN'T BELIVE YOU FOGOT TO PAUSE ME I GOT REALLY SICK AND POOPED ALOT!!!! Umm I know that 6x13=78 (this is getting really random but who cares I like random Ooooo oo can I tell em please Um okaaay Well I got accepted into music school I'll tell how that went Hello I'm totally like speaking here anyway and I made a band called 3ppl.Yes now heres a thingy to tell you whos in the band but before that we got fanmail!!! This fanmail is from Cheetahlover46 I think that was what her name was. Um why are you here Mr. Postman?? I don't know.... Okay weird um Mr.postman could you uh please um LEAVE Okay now that he is gone here is the table Band name:3PPL Band genre:Hip hop People in the band: Name/Charecter/Gender/Instrument Julia/Ichigotchi/Girl/Mic Toby/Nonopotchi/Boy/Guitar Paul/Kikitchi/Boy/Headphone Okay now thats done Stats!! Stats 1yr 33lb Hungry **** Happy **** Stress 54 Tone 161 Rhythm 177 Original 184 Music genre Hip hop 1st 3070p Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OH YEAH!!!!! okay here is how it went when she the music teacher came. FLASHBACK Huh the doorbell lets go!! ~Flys(not)~ Hi Hi I I'm Mr.Music teacher guy Thats your name?? Yes now I am here to tell you that you have been accepted in to music school now IAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH I can't belive actully I can I knew you would accept me I mean I'm perfect I'm the best!! See listen. this is me singing Jazzy put it on youtube Um I see anyway please follow me to meet your band mates. Hear is a song these two boys sang Hi Hi Hi And thats how it all began Bye p.s the songs are not actully from me I did not make these or sang them or posted them all copyright to the great singers who did this
  9. Hi Julia just got a waffle rom the nig and thats really it other than I bought her milk,omlet and a pineapple so bye
  10. Then suddenly Jake came and asked miley...
  11. Don't tell Jazz I was on here anyway shs having lunch right now anyway heres my diary I'm gonna post my diary when ever shes not on here ok so here it is. Dear diary, I can't belive she yelled at me I am so not big headed she is soooo annoying but I guess I should start behaving 'cause she might stop feeding me and stuff so um yeah so um yeah... Julia Hi guys anywaWHAT ARE YOU DOING I TOLD YOU YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED ON THE LOG!!Gotta go little people Sorry TTers I gotta keep an eye on her now bye!!
  12. Hi okay I know this one has to be quicker than the last one but the king just gave Julia some moI JUST GOT 2000P FROM THE KING HA IN YOUR FACE JAZZ HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE £15 HAHAHAHAHSHUT UP!!! THIS IS NOT HOW A CHILD SHOULD ACT THIS IS WHAT A TEENAGER MIGHT ACT LIKE BUT A CHILD!! THIS IS OUTRAGOUS YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ON THIS LOG ALL DAY!!!~Jazz pants~ ~Julia storms off again~ Anyway if you havn't guessed Jazz is me. I'm gonYou have quite a child there Your still here I think I knoGO AWAY!!Ok ok good day to you miss. Ok calm calm...~begins to meditate~Ok goodbye P.s ok again I now this was also NOT a quick log but anyway goodbye
  13. VERY QUICK LOG QUICKER THAN THE OTHER ONE PLEASE SEND SOME FAN MAILthat is all. WAIT!! SEND FANMAIL NOW!!I just said that Julia...Yeah but you didn't say it properly this is how its was supossed to go.VERY QUICK LOG QUICKER THAN THE LAST ONE PLEASE SEND SOME FANMAIL BUT I KNOW THIS IS A RUBBISH LOG AND THE ONLY REASON YOU READ IT IS BECAUSE OF JULIAWhat!! no TTers please don't listen to her. JULIA people were reading this before you were born. ~Julia gasps then stomps off~ ~Jazz sighs~ Ok bye P.S I know this was not quicker then the last one it was actully quite long anyway bye
  14. Hi guys QUICK log Julia just went to Pre-school and played jump rope and won heres what she has to say I won I won I won Jazzy I won!!!! I know I just told them that... You did? Oh well haha In your face kuribotchi Be nice. ( I have a feeling shes gonna be big headed when shes older)~ Looks at Julia~ I won uh ha uh ha I won whoo hoo yeah!!!! Bye Bye little people I called you little people and your bigger than me haha I called you little people cause thats what stars call non stars and Jazzy said I would be a star so JULIA!! BE NICE!!Uh oh ~Looks at me~ Anyway bye
  15. Hi mushrooms, well I reseted Feisha cause um~coughs coughs~She turned into a sebiretchi Anyway right now shes a Hitodetchi she just got a vist from the Pre-school teacher she gave her a dollhouse. Anyway Thats about it so lets go to stats STATS 0 Years old 10lb Name Julia Hungry **** Happy **** (Just in case you don't know *= Full heart) Stress 18 Tone 10 Rhythm 10 Original 9 Music genre Rock'n'Roll 1st Gen 3000p Ok so bye Oh wait not yet you have look at this Julia will talk in this colour Visters will talk in this colour e.g Postman, Pre-school teacher ,Music teacher One of Julias friends will talk in this colour Her other friend will talk in this colour Actions will be in this colour And I will talk in anyother colour. When she has a baby and leaves the baby and everyone else will change colours and also if in the 2nd Gen if she comes and gives her baby something she will talk in the colour she had before instead of black oh p.s visters will always talk in black ok so bye