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  1. Hi. Thank you for clicking this topic. My black mollie has had ick several times and I have cured it. But 4 days ago my black mollie got ick again and I cured it but now she has brown dots on top of her head and her eye is swollen. What is this disease? How do you suggest I cure it?
  2. I have NO idea how to make it but it is a virtual pet that you take care of.
  3. Can you get a full family a different way or only that way?
  4. Eating a ball? That sound really funny and cute!
  5. That's really smart! Here's another tip: If you get caught using your tamagotchi in class and your teacher takes it away from you, make sure you put it on pause before she takes it so your tamagotchi doesn't die. This works if your teacher knows what tamagotchis are and is not fooled by the "it's a clock" trick.
  6. I think power palz are very fun.
  7. I like power palz. I think they are fun. Also, I agree with Mothra, just because they are simular to tamagotchis that doesn't mean that are trying to BE tamagotchis.
  8. This topic has nothing to do with power pals.
  9. Name: Alice Age: ? Gender: female stage: adult type: cat Reason: I left her at school one day by accident and it was a Friday and on Monday (when I took her out of my locker) she was an angel.
  10. You can turn the sound off if you press two buttons at the same time. But I forget which two buttons. I hope this information helps!