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  1. At the morning she was evolved to Ichigotchi. I paused it and went to school. After school, someone came and gave me a guitar! I practiced it a little bit. She's favourite music style changed to latin, and then to asian. And favourite instrument to guitar!!!
  2. It's a girl. I named it Emmi. It's a child now. It's Hitodetchi. It went to sleep, but I accidentally woke it up. It got 20 stress points. In the morning, they were all gone away. I hided it in my schoolbag and paused it. After school, her favourite music style changed from rock'n roll to jazz. In 20 minutes, it changed into hip hop. Then to jazz again and hip hop and jazz AGAIN!!! Now I'm in the shop. I buyed sausage with 120p and bread with 100p. Now she has 1410p. She's hungry, I feed her with bread. I'll post more later. Bye!
  3. I just got Tamagotchi V6!!! Now It's an egg. I haven't even set the birthday or time yet. When will it do something?
  4. WOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOO!!!! After many months of searching, I found my Tamagotchi Music Star! I'm so happy now. My Tamagotchi is now an egg. I'll post more later Bye!
  5. 1. I wish that I had a REAL tamagotchi pet. 2. I wish that I could play drums very good. 3. I wish that I'd be in Metallica. METALLICA RUUUUUULLLEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. OK. I'll try 'Tama' Someone can close this topic now. Thank you!
  7. *eats the muffin and screams 'OMG TYVM!!!'* *drops a big Kuchipatchi *
  8. RikkiG I tried that your name generator but there came names like shitt and seeex... lol
  9. Thank you really much you helped a lot! Woohoo!!
  10. So, I'm working on a Mame family. I've got a few questions about it. 1. If I have 100% bonding and I always select the first option in the training menu, is it 100% sure that my Mousetchi will become a Mamekatchi and my Mamekatchi will become a Mametchi? 2. Is it 100% sure that if my Mametchi will marry a Chantotchi at the dating show, they will become a pure family? 3. Do Mametchi and Chantotchi always have 2 or 1 eggs? 4. If I have 2 or 1 eggs, is it 100% sure that eggs will become Mimifuwatchis? I know I asked very much but if somebody knows answers to these questions or even 1 question, PLEASE tell me. Thank you!