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    Hi! *waves like a loon*<br><br>I'm just a normal 12 year old girl....well, if you count "Random spazzy loon" as normal....<br><br>I think Tom Felton is just HOT. I'm going to go to Surrey with Kendal and Monstr to rape him 8D<br><br>I have an online family. My mommy is Krystal Kenobi, and I love her. Of course, my daddy is Obi-Wan, and I love him too. I have a FREAKING FAIRY GODMOTHER, my Mommy's twin. Her name is Bunny. She can fly. I have an Auntie Sophie, who is my fun aunt, and an Auntie Claire, who is my moody murdureous aunt. I then have Emmy, my cousin who is randomly there. ILY FAMILY~<br><br>Okay, I'm not going to write an ILY list because I will forget people, and I don't want that D:<br><br>|..........| Put this on your<br>|..........| page if you have<br>|........O| ever pushed a<br>|..........| door that said pull!<br>|..........|<br>|..........|<br><br>Being the daughter of Krystal and Obi Wan, I have a lightsaber. Only a kiddie one, but a lightsaber all the same. I have a habit of denting it. Sometimes on purpose, to see some JEDI FIGHTSSSS<br><br>To anyone who's wrote me a poem, that is below, ILY TO DEATH ALL YOUR POEMS MADE ME CRY!<br><br>My poem from Ksenia ~<br><br>Oh Bethie, you're an amazing friend,<br>I definately know you'll be a friend till the end,<br>Our laughs, our jokes, they make me laugh,<br>And our wonderful adventures of TARP.<br><br>I don't remember how we met,<br>It's just something I can easily forget,<br>But that seriously doesn't matter,<br>Cuz our friendship will never splatter.<br><br>You're Fritz, Frog number three,<br>You helped with that club, very helpful, you see?<br>I may be frog number one, the only queen frog,<br>But that still means you're just as important, not like a rock.<br><br>If only I could meet you, that'd be so great,<br>We'd always go through love, never through any hate,<br>Even though Starry and myself virtually raped you,<br>I hope you see that as a joke, you kangaroo.<br><br>Mary Mary, you'll always be our little child,<br>Our little child, 911 you dialed, (when we virtually raped you XD)<br>So I wrote this poem while thinking only of you,<br>And I hope you enjoy it, YOU LITTLE WINNIE THE POOH.<br><br>ILY.<br><br>ILY too Ksenia <333<br><br><br>---------------------------------------------<br><br>From Huntr~<br><br>Betheh~<br>Do Yew relize How much I love yew?<br>I bet yew think it can't be true.<br>Yer so epicalyy Awesome!! && Kewl && Nice!<br>Hopefully we will never get lice xD<br>WE. ARE. RANDOM. Is that a bad thing?<br>I see yer posts and Myy mind goes PING!<br>I need to meet yew or I will D I E !<br>Everytime yew are'nt online i cry ):<br>Yer Spazzy and epic and pwnsome<br>Yo ho ho and A bottle of rum!<br>I love yew to death and then some!!!<br><br>ILY so much, Huntr. SO MUCH!<br><br>From Oscar~<br><br>Bethie, so cool, the best younger sister<br>Oh yes, we are siblings fathered by another mister.<br>You're gracious and full of wonders<br>Never Taught that way<br>Its in your soul<br>And it comes out each day.<br>Bethie, IL what you do for me<br>You lift me up when I'm on my knees<br>This poem is ending, though I'll LY forever<br>Our friendship end?<br>I think NEVER!<br><br>ILY younger sisterr =D

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  2. I'm going to do it again, because I transfered all my music, so I have loads of songs. 1: Northern Downpour in my pants (xD) 2: This is Halloween in my pants 3: Sweet Sacrifice in my pants 4: Sorrow in my pants 5: Imaginary in my pants (Justin Bieber's theme song, maybe?) 6: Bleeding Love in my pants (Okay...That is just...O_O if you understand it) 7: Thank You For The Vemon in my pants (xD) 8: Head Over Heels in my pants 9: I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth in my pants (O_O) 10: Defying Gravity in my pants (WTF WMP stop making me put perverted stuff)
  3. YES 8D HYE lost your phone, phoned it to find it, found it, then go "Ooh, missed call.....oh"
  4. You're banned for calling me a fool D:
  5. You're banned because I fell for the joke in you siggy.
  6. You're banned because I have nothing else to do xD
  7. You're banned for replying slowly.
  8. I ban you for telling me what to do ): xD
  9. OW! -smacks the person below with the nommy pancake I'm eating now-