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  1. Violetchilluvr3

    It's been a while

    Well it sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for opinions, everyone!
  2. Violetchilluvr3

    It's been a while

    So it's a "little" like the tamago figures? (Except obviously better ) Ok got it! Thanks so much
  3. Violetchilluvr3

    It's been a while

    It sounds awesome! I'm definitely considering it oops... Can you explain the pierces a little more please? thanks for your replies <3
  4. Violetchilluvr3

    It's been a while

    Hey there, Tamatalk. <3 Not sure if anyone remembers me or not, but I haven't been on here in forever! So anyways, the point: I lost all of my Tamagotchis (sigh), and I'm getting the itch again to play with one. I'm looking on Amazon, and they have some Tamagotchi P's for sale. So, my question, how does everyone like them? Are they "better" (I know, relative term) than other color versions, in your opinion? Is it worth all $50? Yes, I know it's in Japanese. I like that, to be honest. The last Tama I played with was an iD L, and I loved it to death. Please let me know what you guys think of the P. Thanks, guys.
  5. I didn't realize it came out for iOS! Just got it today. I've never run a vintage, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it seems pretty nice so far. I have a feeling it won't hold my interest for more than a couple days though...
  6. Violetchilluvr3

    Waking schedule? (Tama-go)

    I think they wake up from 7:30 to 8, maybe. It might be 8:30, but they don't get up later than that. Can't remember what times they go to bed. Sorry :-/
  7. Violetchilluvr3

    Tamagotchi to return as an app for iOS and Android

    Oh my gosh, so excited! I've been wanting a real Tamagotchi app FOREVER. I lost my Tamas and this is perfect
  8. Violetchilluvr3

    Tama-go help

    It also depends if you're going on Tamatown. Tamatown can mess with the aging process. If you do want to go on, enter the code into your computer, and then exit out of the "code screen" on your Tama.
  9. Violetchilluvr3

    Ideal wheight Tamagotchi ID L

    Weight doesn't really affect the characters on the iD L. If you want to keep it low, play lots of games, if you're not worried about it, feed it snacks. You could have a character that's 99 pounds and the best care. It only goes based off of care misses, so as long as both heart meters are filled up you'll get a good care character.
  10. Violetchilluvr3

    v3 Repeat Adult Characters

    You can try taking care of it differently; Try perfect care one generation, horrible the next. One generation where you only feed snacks, another where you play four games every hour; One where you keep it completely full, another starving (Get the idea?) Good luck
  11. Violetchilluvr3

    My Tamagotchi Music Star won't grow?

    Music stars can evolve in their sleep (They're one of the few versions that can do this). It should grow very soon, be patient. Pausing it will definitely slow it down! I think the teenagers take about a day and a half to evolve (From memory, it's been a while ) Give it a couple more days and see what happens.
  12. Violetchilluvr3

    tamagotchi id l pizza

    If you want to change his appearance, you'll have to take him to the Henshin Jo.
  13. Violetchilluvr3

    V4.5 disguised as a V4?

    The first wave of V4.5's that were released (in some places, I can't remember specifically where...) acted like V4.5's, but had the V4 antenna. So congratulations, you got one of the very first 4.5's released (And a Bandai goof up!)
  14. Violetchilluvr3

    Tama-Go glitch?

    Unfortunately, Tama-go's are full of glitches. When you log on to Tamatown, you might try either shortening your visits, or just getting the login code and then exiting out of this screen. (This will also allow your Tama to be in Tamatown AND on your Tama at the same time- thus not pausing your Tama! ) The no-name issue is actually not an issue. On the Tama-gos, you can't name any of your Tamas (on the actual Tama, at least- there's nothing stopping your from naming it in real life).
  15. Violetchilluvr3

    ID L Infrared help :)

    You also might want to try changing the batteries on your iD L; if they're old, they won't work, and sometimes the factory batteries don't work very well. The new ones might be duds. Make sure you're pressing B on your iD L so that the phone knows what it's "looking for"