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  1. OMG do you remember me? We were good friends here! And I remember you liked legend of Korra. I just started and it's totally awesome! Hope to see you around!

  2. Hey! I know you haven't been on in a while but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you're having a great one. :) Hope to see you stop by every once in a while to say hi!

  3. Just ordered a V3!! So excited!

    1. tamastar133


      It's very Fun and say what color? :3

    2. Violetchilluvr3


      The dark blue one with stars :)

  4. I've been saying I'm going to order that V3 for days... Maybe I really will tomorrow?

  5. Well it sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for opinions, everyone!
  6. So it's a "little" like the tamago figures? (Except obviously better ) Ok got it! Thanks so much
  7. It sounds awesome! I'm definitely considering it oops... Can you explain the pierces a little more please? thanks for your replies <3
  8. Can't right now! Sending you an email as we speak :)

  9. Hey there, Tamatalk. <3 Not sure if anyone remembers me or not, but I haven't been on here in forever! So anyways, the point: I lost all of my Tamagotchis (sigh), and I'm getting the itch again to play with one. I'm looking on Amazon, and they have some Tamagotchi P's for sale. So, my question, how does everyone like them? Are they "better" (I know, relative term) than other color versions, in your opinion? Is it worth all $50? Yes, I know it's in Japanese. I like that, to be honest. The last Tama I played with was an iD L, and I loved it to death. Please let me know what you guys think of the P. Thanks, guys.
  10. I didn't realize it came out for iOS! Just got it today. I've never run a vintage, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it seems pretty nice so far. I have a feeling it won't hold my interest for more than a couple days though...
  11. I think they wake up from 7:30 to 8, maybe. It might be 8:30, but they don't get up later than that. Can't remember what times they go to bed. Sorry :-/
  12. Oh my gosh, so excited! I've been wanting a real Tamagotchi app FOREVER. I lost my Tamas and this is perfect
  13. It also depends if you're going on Tamatown. Tamatown can mess with the aging process. If you do want to go on, enter the code into your computer, and then exit out of the "code screen" on your Tama.