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  1. I currently have 3 tamas going right now. And im just curious to see whats the most people have taken care of at once and how hard/easy was it. I recently got my v4 and two v4.5 and not sure if i wanna just put down my 2 v2s and my v3 and care for those! SO HOW MANY TAMAS HAVE YOU CARED FOR AT ONCE?
  2. V1- light pink with one swirl sticker on it V2- Light blue with surf board and palm tree V2- green camo v3- Clear yellow case V4- (which should be in soon) the blue swirl pattern v4.5- purple argyle pattern v4.5- globe pattern (the pc pack) and out of those i only have the 2 v2s and v3 going.
  3. havent had that happen yet..but i do know the 24 hrs after they have the baby i will get woke up early from it going off...tamas are my new alarm clocks..
  4. Yes i am asking...i know its normal for babies to be like that weather they are human or tamas...but im just asking if you think the baby tamas have seperation anxiety...
  5. i was just stating that according to all the v2 growth charts i have found that kaelutchi isnt on the list for the ringotchi...and also i have found that my itchigotchi turned into androtchi and that also isnt on the growth chart for itchigotchi...and they are the right batteries for my tama cause they are original batteries i had in them
  6. Okay my v2 was a ringotchi...as a teen...then it grew up into a kaelutchi....which is the trex looking one...and according to all the growth charts...its not possible to get it from ringotchi....is this some kinda of special thing or is it bad...dont get me wrong the dude is cute...but it wasnt what i was expecting!!!!!
  7. Just wanting peoples opinion on this. I have noticed BOTH on my v2 and v3 that the morning after the parent tama leaves the baby. A...its very very needy and the hungry and happy hearts disappear quickly. B...it poops a lot. And C...it takes like a nap in the middle of the day. So like no matter if its a baby boy or a baby girl..its seems like the baby tama is lost for a bit after it wakes up and sees its..parents are gone!
  8. Yup they are real. The bandai logo on them and stuff!!! I might just go back and buy all 3...wow first rubber ducks and now im back on the tamagotchi stuff...next thing i will be collecting the tama lanyards...which they also had...for 3 dollars
  9. I recently started up my tamas again after finding them in my many boxes of stuff packed. But i bring them with me to work, they arein my purse everywhere i go. No one has really said anything tome at work when implaying with them or they are ont eh desk. Heck friday while i was at the hospital waiting room waiting on my mom to get out surgery i was playing it infront of my preacher..and a family friend..and they didnt even say anything. Now on the other hand my boss and manager found out today i had them...just kinda laughed and that was it....Dont really care its different its teachin responibility insome way!!!
  10. Im my recent findings at kmart here in my town....they had the tama watches ...all 3 of them!!! they were on clearance for 2.50 a piece...i almost...bought them....well should i buy them?????
  11. Whats the best way to clean the outside of the tama...one of my v2s has gotten dirty over the years. And the other questions, do the shop codes only work once per tama or once per generation??????
  12. as huntr said ebay is the best place if you can access to it i bought recently 5 pack batteries for 6 dollars and that include shipping and stuff
  13. Okay im wanting to buy the newer versions. So whats the difference between the v4 and v4.5? or should i just get both cause they are far apart in similairities?
  14. Okay an update on the dancing snowman...it came back yesterday and also showed up on my v3 as well, but it was weird it showed up on my v2 and v3 at the same time almost. Now its back but only on my v3 today. *edit* spoke too soon and it showed up on my v2 again today a few mins after it showed up on my v3 Dancing Snowmen
  15. yeah it was my v2 sorry for not putting that. i wish the costume would last longer...she went to sleep and now she is the ugly tarakotchi again!