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  1. did you try the thing i told you because i always get mame family when i do that 0.0
  2. its normal that's why i must have a 1 hour spare time in order to take care of the baby and if i really have no time i must pause it.once i left my tama baby and went to shower for 5 min and came back and saw him crying,hungry and unhappy.
  3. thats weird i can help you change it when it is at the baby stage,you always dont feed it and only feed it when hungry and also after feeding,always immediately go and play a game so that it loses weight until its the least weight.keep doing this process until it turns into a toddler and it should turn into a cute one and this toddler will be a mame family hope i help :D
  4. ok, i got a v4 tama and its adult can anyone tell me what are the codes to call your parents or grandparents on the phone? thanks
  5. my V4 Tama i named it sally and it came out as qally 0.0 thanks your the info i will keep that in mind
  6. i think i know why.... if you look at the cheat of getting 9900 points very fast then you need to play burger then pizza and the pizza the time also go down very fast and when you get 4 pizza and time up,you keep getting points and when you play burger the bun will go down but miss the target and the time will go very fast because you play it 2 times. kind of not fun as the burger as you only can once and then got glitch
  7. It don't matter if your a boy or girl because my bro is 14 and yet he love Tamagotchi haha
  8. my school said no Tamas allow! so we put in our pockets since my teacher wont check and we off the sound
  9. wow thanks for the info because when i am in a car there is a chance i may throw up