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  1. Hey girl! We haven't talked in FOREVER! D: What have you been up to? (:

  2. Pretty much any animal can be a loving pet. To be honest, I really don't see the difference between a dog, and a pig, or a bunny, and a chicken. They're animals, living creatures. Why do you get to choose which one live, and which ones die? Plus, there are plenty of other cultures, eating cows would sound just as repulsive to them as eating a dog would be to you. I think it's Hindu? I really don't remember. Point being I'm just as likely to eat a dog as I am to eat any other animal. It all just depends on what role they play in your culture. I might not eat a cat, because in my house where I've grown up, they've been established as companions, not food, and tend to be equal to me when it comes to the pecking order xD But maybe if I lived in an Asian country, cats wouldn't be regarded as such. I'm not a vegetarian, and definitely not a vegan, for other reasons I don't care to explain because it's fairly simple. It's natural, part of the food chain, blahblahblah. Animals eat animals, controls population, delicate balance of nature, woooo. It also just wouldn't feel right to be a vegetarian, almost like I'd never feel completely full. I know a lot of vegans and vegetarians, out of all of them... Only one was a psycho extremist, whose children are obviously very malnourished due to their restricted diet. He's also one of those people who are determined to avoid cancer, so he won't eat anything wrapped in plastic and a bunch of other weird things.
  3. My hair. I dye it and cut it myself. I feel like it's one of the few things I can really control, so I do. I get bored of one style after too long, so I always tend to have some sort of odd hair dye in my bathroom. I'm really proud of it because I honestly do think it's beautiful, and because I conjured it from my own mind and made it a reality using my own artistic talent, it makes me feel so much better about my self and my skills when it comes to being an artist. Also, my eye makeup. It's not nearly as sentimental as my hair, but the same concept applies. I can control it, no one else can. I modify the way I do it a lot. I have names for all of my looks, too. "Classic Smoke", "Modern Smoke", "Anime Eye", "Vicky's Secret". They're all based on what they look like. I like switching them up a little every time, Like with the smokey looks I'll try using dark blues instead of black. Finally, my grades. A lot of teachers think I'm a bad kid at first, because I wear dark clothes, I talk really loud, zone out, and do stupid insane things. And then, a lot of them hate me even more, when I totally ace their class without any effort, and still set a bad example for everyone else. And then others, -coughmyscienceteacherIlovethatladycough- love me more, because I apparently come with the lesson that you can't judge a book by it's cover. But they do wish I'd put more effort into things. Like, I'll get an A on every test, but when it comes to things I have to complete at home... Bleh. A piece of notebook paper with the answers scrawled on in crayon obviously done the period before xD Which, I still get credit for, because I get them right. But it looks like crap. And that piece of crap earns me a spot on the A honor role. Which I am proud of.
  4. I have four. My first two, I got when I was ten, maybe... I don't remember. My parents had some sort of deal with me, where if I didn't get into really bad trouble for two weeks they'd let me get my ears pierced. It took me like three months, but I finally did it. And then, my parents never felt like taking me to the mall, which caused RAGE. Finally I harassed them enough to where they finally took me. It didn't hurt at all. It was just like "ka-chunk ka-chunk YOU HAVE METAL THINGS IMPLANTED INTO YOUR EAR NOW HURRAYYYY" It never got infected O: But my sister's, however, did. She ended up having to let hers heal up, and to this day, she doesn't have pierced ears. Then the second pair of piercings I got were a few months ago. I just decided I wanted it done. Once again, my parents didn't want to take me to the mall. This time I got impatient and tried to do one on my own. Lulz, I still have the bloodstains in my bathroom. My parents realized I was serious about it, though, and finally took me. My right ear got infected once, because I tried to gauge it too early. Nothing too drastic, but about twice as large as the starting earrings. I wanna get my top done. And maybe a belly button piercing.
  5. I test makeup products on my hand real fast, just to make sure I'm not buying crap.
  6. I'm not a fan, but every adult in my family is. They're for the Greenbay Packers and the Aggies. Apparently, the Aggies aren't doing well, because at thanksgiving, my dad's prayer was all about them, which was somewhat hilarious. "Dear Lord and Jesus Christ our savior, please help the Aggies do well in their upcoming games.. Amen. Oh, and bless this food."
  7. Well, I don't generally get embarrassed, only when I'm attempting to look normal and screw it up, so... Yeah. Happens too often to determine which time was the worst.
  8. Cosette. On my parent's first date, they saw Les Miserables, the french play, and I was named after the name character.
  9. It annoys me when people use failspelling all the time, but I do it for lulz sometimes. Also whenever I'm mocking somebody. xD
  10. I started out life with white-blonde hair. Then it slowly turned more goldenly, then I discovered the sun, and it got more faded: [it's blurry, but we're paying attention to my hair color, so it doesn't matter xD] And then I discovered HAIR DYE, and after several treatments it started growing in light brown-- Oh noes: [Nom.] And then I added in black. And white:[i'm a fish.] And then, after a while, the part of my hair that was natural turned goldeny:[Yay.] But then.. It started to turn orange. The red tones in my hair really come out in the sunlight. Which made me sad. So I bleached my hair at the roots, taking out all the dark tones and leaving only the red. And now it's bright orange. I took a picture to show the world, but you can't see it well: [Fail.] And so now the list of colors in my hair: Yellowish. Orange. White-blonde. Golden-blonde. Light brown. Dark brown. Black. Grey. Most are results of mutations of black+white accidentally combined with my natural ever-changing color. So yeah. It's pretty orgasmic.
  11. No. Nonononono. No. If you know me, then you know that I always draw out the process of getting a shot into a timespan of about six hours of screaming, shaking, running, sobbing. I'd rather get the flu.
  12. My number one pet peeve is when people talk behind my back, or insult me over text/teh internetz, but won't say anything to my face. I respect opinions, but a lot of the time I want to know the reasons behind them to see if I can fix things, and if it's not worth defending or even just explaining face-to-face then don't tell the whole world about how EVIL AND MEAN I am, and don't harass me about it. I have no idea how many confrontations I've had that went down like this: I say, "So, you hate me?" They say, "No!" I say, "Orly. Because just five minutes ago you told me over text to go die." Them, "I didn't really mean that! Haha! -hurriedly walks away then texts me about how mean I am-" Also, when people over-compliment me. It only ever happens in real life, and it's always because they're lying to get on my good side or because they want something from me, and it makes me feel like I'm exactly the opposite of whatever the compliment stated. When salespeople watch my every move to make sure I don't steal something. Although I understand it, it's just annoying, especially because I don't ever shoplift. People who consistently go on about how people who do drugs or smoke, have eating disorders, drink, and everything else that the general portion of society frowns upon, are horrible people and deserve to die/go to jail/be shunned from society. I mean, I get it, obviously those aren't good things to get into, but people don't seem to understand that not everyone has the same personal opinion on the subject and everyone has the choice to make their own decisions and choose their own paths, as long as they are willing to accept the consequences and results of that choice. Haters. Miley Cyrus haters in particular. Not much lately, now that she's directed towards a more broad audience and is a more serious actress and song artist, but back when she was just a Disney Star, nothing more. When adults or teens would be all, "she has no talent, I hate her, she should diee!!" Because it was like, WTF? You are hating on the star of a children's show. It is intended for eight year old girls. It was like writing a review for spongebob, saying the jokes weren't intelligent enough. Spongebob isn't supposed to give you any intellectual benefit, and Hannah Montana was not made to impress anyone over the age of thirteen. I need to get started on my math homework, so I'm going to shut up xD
  13. Like seventy dollars. Because I was with my grandma. Because she's a crazy rich lady who thinks that's reasonable. With my own money? About twenty dollars. Btwz, I was actually talking about jeans in general, not just skinnies. I really don't know how much money I spend on each category of jeans xD
  14. tamacrazy_101, I hate you for making me lose THE GAME. xDD I had gone like three days without losing. Anyway. I love them. I especially love dragging them out from the dark unforgiving corners of the internet and quoting them IRL. Extra lulz is added when nobody has any idea what I'm talking about because they have lives and spend less than three hours on the computer daily.