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  1. there's currently bad floods up in queensland. the only thing on the radio and news seems to be about it. it would be really scary if there was a flood near where i live.
  2. Soo far; - Perfume - black nail polish - pink nail polish - clear nail polish - Pop tarts ;o - Reeces peanut butter cups - chocolate coins - fruit cups - bag of jelly beans~ - Diary of a wimpy kid: book 2 - 2 Magazines - A calendar - an ipod dock ;D - A book on dogs~ - Real pearl earrings ;] - socks o: - $150 - a pig eraser and multicoloured pen - poster calendar. :]
  3. ;o That's terrible! but what's black friday?
  4. I have that for my Ipod touch. ;D My high score is 24,000 (And something.)
  5. Pyjamas. Paul frank pyjama pants pink and grey striped hoody (:
  6. I have a Neopets that I don't go on anymore. Also Marapets, but that was boring.
  7. Also, address books/diaries. My relatives give them to me every christmas. Lol.
  8. I'm not sure. Probably those DIY kits, lol.
  9. Supre` JayJays (I only have afew things from there) Factorie Diva Equip Target Kmart
  10. Yeh, robot unicorn attack is fun. You can play it online, too. It costs money, though