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  1. Im actually a very patient person... im just trying to find out more info about my tama...
  2. i have done everything... i practice all the time alone and with the band... all my skill points are maxed out at 999... i play shows and it shows a decent amount of says i've got 35,000 something fans but my rank wont increase soooo i need some tips please! (HELP!!!!!!) lol thanks!
  3. my band failed first audition and i increased all his stats to 999 and he practices alot he has already played like 3 shows and is 999th in rank and has around 35,000 fans... his rank wont go up how do i increase his rank??? and will i ever get another audition???
  4. thank you very much this helps alot!!! now i gotta practice with him before he changes tomorrow!!! lol
  5. My tama is a teen and goes to music school but i don't understand what i'm supposed to do... do i just watch them there with music notes above their heads or do i actually interact somehow??? HELP lol