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    Hi. :D<br>I'm Esther.<br>If you're reading this, you must be a member of TamaTalk, and I probably love you.<br>So, go ahead and PM me or something.<br>x<br><br>.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.<br><br>My friends are talented:<br><br>Esther, an excellent friend<br>shines high in her bestowed glory.<br>A cheer-er upper, a hello-er too,<br>she's a girl to love, for sure.<br><br>Esther, an easter star,<br>born on Halloween,<br>a holiday mix-up,<br>but that's what makes her epic.<br><br>Esther, a beautiful spaz<br>jumps around like a fish out of water.<br>And that's what makes her<br>so excellent.<br>-My wonderful Maria <3<br><br>-------------<br><br>Easterberry, you're amazing,<br>Twin for now, twin for life.<br>You have no idea how much I love you,<br>I'll love you till your afterlife.<br><br>We both are very clumsy,<br>Which brings us closer indeed,<br>You were my first TT friend,<br>You were that little seed.<br><br>We have a million inside jokes,<br>So many that I don't remember them all.<br>But that's not what matters, that's not the point.<br>The point is that we're great friends,<br>Even though I'm way too tall.<br><br>You have that special place in my heart,<br>And I'm positive you always will,<br>No matter what happens,<br>I'll always love you, and love you still.<br><br>So that's the end of this poem,<br>This poem just for you.<br>I hope you loved it,<br>Just like I love you!<br>-My twin Ksenia <3<br><br>-------------<br><br>Esther,<br>my easter star.<br>I love you,<br>even though we are so far [apart].<br>My shining easter egg.<br>Yummier than a normal easter egg.<br>Easter themed poems epiclyfail.<br>Esther, that's how<br>I roll.<br>Love me or hate me,<br>It's still a feeling.<br>And<br>I <br>Love<br>You.<br>-My wonderful Maria <3<br><br>-------------<br><br>Esther~<br>There are two sides to everything,<br>And two halves to every whole,<br>And with two ways to live your life,<br>There are so many ways to go.<br><br>I take this path like it's the only one,<br>But why does my eye glance down the other one?<br>Waiting for traffic lights like I'm okay,<br>But the only one going over.<br><br>Don't let down the world today,<br>Magic's not real though.<br>Don't let this take away,<br>What's left to lie low.<br><br>Esther, I hope you know this,<br>Or at least understand.<br>Dreams are grayscale rainbows,<br>And clouds are airborne lands. <br><br>ILY.<br>-My talented Vivienne <3<br><br>-------------<br><br>Yeah It's Esther!<br>Oh my little berry,<br>At the darkest times you stay so merry.<br>How do you?<br>Did you know the cow goes MOO?<br><br>Random since the begining,<br>You were always there,<br>With your fluffy and inviteing hair.<br>Oh Yesh, you are loved.<br><br>Whatelse do I have to say?<br>You're the best, Kay?<br>I love you so dear,<br>Even more than A hobos ear...<br>Oh yus, I went thar xD<br>-My lovely Huntr <3

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  1. www.essthherr.tumblr.com I don't know, I just decided to make one. (:
  2. Well, if it's an imaginative homework, and it sounds like it is, then you can make the name up. If the character you're drawing is make-believe then it's species can be too.
  3. Luke and Maria's cereal choices FTW ;D COCO POPS ALL THE WAY. And chocolate milk is like my all-time favourite drink right now, so it's like double the fun.
  4. Nobody knows mine. It's incredibly easy to guess though. xD
  5. YES <3 It's like THE chick flick. Classic. And amazingly quotable.
  6. I love her! She's actually really funny, and her music is pretty upbeat and great to dance to. I love Stephen, Tik Tok, Your Love Is My Drug, Take It Off and Kiss And Tell.
  7. I adore showers I have to have one every evening, and the only time I don't is if I'm at a sleepover. I stay in the hot water for about 15 minutes, just singing and thinking about things, and then when it turns cold I get out. I know that if you end a shower with a spurt of cold water your hair is shinier and everything but I can't do it; I think the warmness is just nicer. But they're so refreshing and relaxing, it's like something to look forward to at the end of the day. (:
  8. I looked at a couple of people's, and didn't really get it. :S Do you just, like, have an account where anyone can ask you any question, and you just answer it to the public?
  9. Eat healthier, stop procrastinating and come on Tamatalk more often. And marry Justin Bieber. <3
  10. If you go into the city near where I live, there are hobos everywhere. D: Some of them make me feel sorry for them; the ones who are just sitting there with their little sleeping bags, looking sad. Some of them scare me; the crazy guys who stare you down and scream loudly for no reason. O: Some of them actually make me happy; the ones who are raising money for themselves by singing or playing an instrument. I think my family's donated to a hobo once, when my Dad had spare change, but a lot of them are fakes or buy drugs with the money. D: It's really sad, but there are more effective ways to donate money to poverty, through funds and charities who make sure the money's put to good use.
  11. Like everything xD And by that I mean no social networking sites. Like no Facebook, no TT, no email, etc. Except the whole school's pretty much worked out by now that if you put an 's' after the 'http' of a blocked website you get instant access to it anyway. 8D
  12. Not everyone who wears designer brands is going to wear an outfit once and judge others for not being the same as them. :I I love going shopping, and I admit I'll nearly always walk by stores like Walmart/Target to buy from somewhere like Pink or Delia's instead. This doesn't make me stuck-up or judgemental - I just find the clothes there reliably cute. (: Tons of my friends wear clothes from the same stores I shop at, and many don't. I love my friends who wear the same outfits from Target each day just as much as I love my friends who walk around in Juicy or Aeropostale. Don't get me wrong though, I understand your point ~ It's annoying when people start bragging about what they can afford, or making fun of their peers who honestly don't care what make their shoes or jeans are. But that's a whole different story to just wearing the designer brands. Because if you think about it, it works both ways. As long as someone isn't hurting anyone else, they can wear what they want. This doesn't just apply to kids wearing stuff from Walmart and being all "DON'T JUDGE ME." People shouldn't be judged for wanting to spend their money on clothes from Hollister or Abercrombie either.
  13. Avatar - IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER. <3 Need I say more? Signature - Maybe the most boring Christmas signature you've ever seen? But it's simple. Merry Christmas everyone. (:
  14. I really wanted a laptop, or an iPhone, but that pretty much got a straight-up NO from my parents, so I'm just asking for money/giftcards to buy lots of clothes with. Christmas shopping spree FTW.
  15. I'm not sure ~ I can't think of anything creative enough. Mindblank. It's easy to remember how it is now; my name with an X and double spacing. I don't think it'll change anytime soon. (: