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  1. here you go gives 2 steaks and 98 cookies. I am going to add more tamas to adopt now
  2. Make sure to check back in or give suggestions and visit the docter. I hope you have fun with your new tama babies.
  3. sure gives paula, pip,pop, and mask,4 blankets, 3 balls, 1 ribbon, and 100 boxes of food
  4. Ok make sure you bring your tama here for check ups at the docter, to buy items, and maybe to buy it a friend. You can change their name but not there gender. SHOP: ball: O hair ribbon: >.< sun glasses: @-@ box of cereal: [ ] water: {} blanket: ~~ bed: zzz orange: @ cookie D steak: *** I will add more every time I think of something you may also camment ideas below. DOCTER plz ask for a check up when you post and Ill write in and give you the answer. EXTRA: When you adopt a tama you will get the tama and nothing else. Get the rest at the shop. Twins have to go together. NEW TAMAS WITH THE OLD ONES. this is max hes a cutie, boy a quitet young girl who needs a family to be happy sara and molly the cool twins, girls rob the cute little robot tama, boy mimi the angel from above, girl the cutest little boy mona the baby girl
  5. OK the contest is who can get the most perfect tama. Tell me: stats, pounds, name, type,age(baby,kid,teen,adult,oldie) ,how you like them, any anything else about them.But have the thing listed I put. winner gets a pm saying winner and their name in my siggy saying they won my perfect tama contest!As you can see I already have person in my siggy from a contest. love ohiotama
  6. Ok a few questions. 1.any help on v4.5 2.whats the best way to care for your tama if you want a kupatchi 3.what are the things they can play with when they are a kid? example: shovel (I know they can play with this item.) love ohiotama
  7. PUT ON A NINJA SUIT!She whipped on one and spun around! Then she saw it was Jackie and sighed. Jackie eyes big ren home a different path and got out a notebook when he was home. He wrote every detail of the day including what he read in the book.....
  8. Did you get a charm with it? Well you should have and you need to have made a account log in it then on the right side click log in then enter the number on the back of the charm.
  9. I think you earn points for playing games if that does'nt work try working in tama town. I always buy my batteries at walmart they are expensive but mine usually last around two weeks. For more details pm me