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  1. Heya - Happy Birthday - hope all goes OK in CC

  2. Left ear in my lobe I have 1-'Babe' stud. 2-Silver hoop with a green bead. 3-A safety pin 4-A plain gold stud. I pierced my cartlidge myself last Monday and put a silver hoop in it today. Right ear in my lobe I have 1-Silver hoop with a key on it. 2-A black bow stud. 3-A silver hoop with a bell on it (I jingle.). 4-A plain blue and gold stud.
  3. I will be living alone by choice, unmarried, maybe a boyfriend if I find anyone perfect for me. The concept of a relationship doesn't entice me, I'm a strong independant black woman and I don't need no man. I will live in a one bedroomed apartment which is always tidy and decorated eccentrically with crazy pieces of art and such. All my dinner sets will match and my kitchen will be amazing. I will have a quirky collection of teacups and teapots and my friends will always be welcome over for tea/coffee and baked goods straight from my oven. I will still have a passion for baking quirky yet amazing items. I will have graduated from university with my science degree and my major in chemistry. I will have a career in some sort of lab, hopefully forensics. I will have no children and I will be a social person who regularly attends coffee groups and has many friends.
  4. Eating Thai Sweet Chilli Doritos and holding 2 conversations on Facebook chat.
  5. Bad news about the earthquakes... hope you and your family / friends are ok.

  6. Hey! (: Sorry about your ex.. just read about him. ://

  7. I would go back to primary school, make my amazing double cookies and then people would like me and I would have had friends. Cookies = friends.
  8. Half Irish, part Maori and the rest just everything else.
  9. Texting someone I like (: Listening to music. Tumblr'ing.
  10. Vista on my laptop. Windows 7 and Android on my netbook (It runs both, I just choose which one when it turns on) And Android on my cell.
  11. Kicking butt. Chemistry. Biology. Getting injured. Breaking technology. Getting paper cuts.
  12. When I get undressed I have to take the clothes off with out turning them inside out. I can't stand inside out clothes. I have random changes of accent midway through speaking, and I never notice I do it but everyone now stops me and informs me my accent changed.