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  2. Alex Turner Zooey Deschanel Ezra Koenig Andrew Garfield Jordi Davieson
  3. Awkward by San Cisco. Wilson by The Salvadors. Piledriver Waltz by Arctic Monkeys. Shock by B2ST.
  4. The Cat Returns! Best movie ever created.
  5. A new phone, Samsung Galaxy S. Doctor Who and Star Wars posters. A 2012 diary. An electric toothbrush. About $100. A couple of buddha ornaments. A pineapple. CD's. Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 1. And I think there was a bunch of other little bits and pieces
  6. I alwaaaaaaays text. Usually it's my best friend, and I text her because she doesn't go to the same school as me, and well, she's my best friend, so I like to keep in touch with her all the time and hear about her school and such. Other times it's my boyfriend, he does go to my school but he's in the year above me so I never get to see him besides in breaks. I just do it when the teacher isn't watching
  7. European accents are wonderful. I like British accents. And New Zealand accents.
  8. Musically, they're pretty terrible, in my opinion. Appearance wise, they're amazing. So attractive.
  9. English and Russian. My native languages, and I would love my kids to be bilingual.
  10. I adore Justin Bieber, but I will admit I'm moving on from him and now I'm into much better music, haha. I just think he's hot, that's all...
  11. My favourite sandwich is an open sandwich (only one piece of bread) with Skordalia dip which I buy from the Yoghurt Shop. It's amazing!
  12. As long as you understand a relationship with them isn't possible, then I don't see any harm in it.
  13. When people bobby pin their hair with the bumpy side up.
  14. aw, thank you so much!

  15. Do whatever you can to take your mind off it! Force yourself to laugh it off. Think about how ridiculous all those mystical beings are and how stupid it is for people to believe in them. At the moment your mind is your worst enemy because it's telling you that they're real and that you should fear them, although it can easily become your best friend if you try hard enough to convince yourself that they're all just silly little things the human mind came up with.
  16. I never did anything. Actually, I was pretty much a perfect little angel. Everyone loved me.