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  1. Peter Gabriel, Mac's Sin lipstick, Kate Bush, growing my hair, foreign languages
  2. ummmm One Direction, all-black outfits, Joy Division, Cheap Monday, geometric/black tattoos
  3. So there was a topic on this ages ago: x Do you have piercings? What are they? How long have you had them? What jewellery do you have in them? Any piercings you would like? Pictures? I adore piercings, I've had plenty. I currently have: double pierced lobes, an upper lobe piercing on my left ear (just below where the cartilage begins) and a standard helix on my right ear. I've had third and fourth holes on my right ear in the past, and my right nostril. More to come, definitely! How about you?
  4. homophobia, racism, sexism, any form of oppression really, when you ask someone not to use a slur and they ask "why?", when people forget to flush, when people remove graffiti, Adele, Taylor Swift, youtube celebrities, Cara Delevingne, Urban Outfitters, and people who hate One Direction for no good reason.
  5. I am always tired but I love being awake at night -- so Night Owl, I suppose.
  6. So the tests say I'm the Mage of Doom?
  7. yes, for around 7 years, i think! user lookup
  8. i don't know, i found it on tumblr. but i suppose the artist could have drawn inspiration from an Ace Attorney sprite!
  9. I do get dizzy, and I feel really sick.
  10. changed my avatar to porrim maryam (mega-babe) heh heh heeeee
  11. #me also really enjoying all the latula x mituna things!! wow i LOVE kurloz so much though, he is perfection ee
  12. ok so i have a homestuck tumblr now
  13. The Beatles, Homestuck, Germany, New York, The X Files the usual
  14. A: the fab four DUH S: some karkat brilliance + links
  15. *BIG BIG BIG LONG OVERDUE POST WARNING OMG* I've known of Homestuck's existence since the beginning of this year thanks to my best friend Jasmine and she has taught me heaps about it but because of school's demands and my personal problems and a busy but lazy schedule, I WASN'T ABLE TO START READING AS EARLY AS I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO So sometime this month I managed to do a load of school work and make it through a lot of hospital appointments and stuff and I needed something to fill all my time with - there was no more work to do, and although I had and still have even more hospital appointments than I did before, I needed something to make myself feel better with. Something to keep me going and something to look forward to, if you may. /end serious talk AND THAT'S WHEN I DECIDED TO RLY PROPERLY READ HOMESTUCK like ok I had read Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff back in like March and I LOVED IT but I couldn't start on or commit to the BIG THING But I am so glad I did because wow o m g I'm only up to reading the end of Act 2 but I have a lot of knowledge about things way further on thanks to Jas (who goes by planey on TT, and neilnordegraf on tumblr) omg crying plz let me in to the tt-homestuck fan family plzzzzzzzzz I'M ENDING THIS POST IN *THE* FONT OK OLLIE OUT