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  1. Are you playing a music star? theres no uramametchi on a music star Nor is there an onputchi on a V4.5... I think you have a kuromametchi, not a uramametchi
  2. It could just be to inform you its on pause, sometimes people forget its paused So maybe they installed this beeping thing to remid you.
  3. You must be looking at the v4 Shape game. The v4.5 shape game is entirely different than the v4 chape game.
  4. The v6.5 is Tamagotchi Music star World tour or something In the UK/Europe there was no v5.5 or v5 celeb. it was an america/australia exclusive.
  5. *Reset Anyway, How long was it a teenager? Did you have it paused often? Did you have it logged on to the v5 site for long periods of time? The v5 has a glitch that when the batteries die it may not be able to "download"
  6. I beat her the first time i played that game. And it isnt "rare" cause quite alot of people have battled her.
  7. Its the way to get the special family on the V5.5 If you marry it you will get an iwatchi, hoshitchi, (something), Jewelltchi and jewellboxtchi
  8. The Cat and Dog are costumes, therefore they do not have online codes/pictures. I have tried even using the costume on my v6 and then logging in, it logs you in as your original character not the cat/dog.
  9. WELL, UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND JAPANESE, I SAY SETTLE WITH A V6/MUSIC STAR FOR NOW. (oops sorry about caps D: ((To lazy to re-type it ;D))
  10. Awesome except holographics are quite rare at tis time and age and most require a "Mist" or "Smoke" to project onto. Apart from that it would cost more than a Data projector. Which is based around £500 Awesome idea but costs alot and would be quite hard to apply. The hannah montanna thing was done with computer graphics and edited in, it didnt really project like that.
  11. I was looking at ebay and the NEW MUSIC STAR designs and noticed there are 3 new charms, Black/White Kuromametchi charm (Comes with "Blue equilizer") (IMAGE) Pink Violetchi charm (Comes with "Yellow with blue drums") (IMAGE) Red/Pink Chamametchi charm (Comes with "Pink with Multicolor notes") (IMAGE)
  12. With the V6 you cannot transfer points TO or FROM music city. Maybe with the v6.5 we can? (when it comes out...)
  13. Yes but, less packaging in plastic = less polloution. why cant they just put it on the old packaging (like in 1997) and have it wrapped in a thin plastic film...
  14. I'm on my third generation. my first parents left 2000 for my baby But my next (2nd gen) parents took all the money...
  15. He looks like the old Mametchi The "outlined in red" is beause the EnTama had a red LCD screen. The actual characters were not edited like the UraTama