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  1. thanks, its a v1 tho thers only 2 games and ther isnt a school. im not sure if theres skill points on it either? can anyone else help mee?
  2. my V1 tamagotchi keeps evolving in to the same ones? imm a novice at this? are the characters i get becuase of how i raise it? or isit random and im just really really unlucky? it always goes: marutchi > hinotamatchi > maskchi anyhelp would be great thanks
  3. cheers! how do i know if its 1 or 2? ther must be a difference?
  4. helllooo iv just found my sisters old tamagotchi, n iv started playin with it. just wondering which version it is? its got the red strip at the top but it doesnt have the arial its got the games dance and jump if that helps? someone must knowwww would be much apreciated anyways thaaanks