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    playing on the coputer,hanging out with my freinds after school,talking to HOT boys,waching family guy,suprizing peaple that im only ten,and WAY more!!!!

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  1. because fish ppie taste good why does fish pie taste good?
  2. http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/TamaChat/flashchat.php
  3. Im hlpitts and I go on snow angel!!!Bye!!
  4. Yes Im Hailey arron pitts i share with my dad!!!!
  5. Well if U have tamagotchi music city they run away!!!And i would know i have one!!!! oh and im on yahoo.com right now so NOBODY YIM ME!!!!!
  6. ITS MY FAVE SONG EVER!!!!!!! picture to burn!!!!!!!
  7. yes and they were sooooo MEAN!!!!!
  8. I pick the name of a song and u guess who the artist is! example: song:our song your guess of artist: Taylor swift CORRECT!!!!