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  1. Pikachu, Kirby, and toon link. toon link sorta freaks me out on brawl because i went on the sound test and for some reason it went to 99 and it made a weird screaming noise o.O
  2. xDDDDD once i was at a movie theater and when i was in the ladies washroom i farted REALLY loud xD There was a 4 yr old kid who screamed "Who tooted?!”
  3. lol basically, this story is from those kids meal toys from wendys...i decided to screw around a bit...oh, and its called mad libs. search it on google. warning: this may make you laugh hard! HERE WE GO!!! Farmers work very hard planting wheat and batman. They beging by plowing their toon link and if they dont have a tractor they use pachoal. they they plant money seeds, and by the next fall, they have many acres of mario. tomatos are harder to raise. they grow on boobies bushes and the farmer sprays them with jelly to keep the bugs off. the easiest things to groe are baldheads, but the farmer must be very carefeul to make sure worms dont get into his mommy. farmers also raise onions, cabbages, lettuce, and marios. but no matter what they grow, farmers realy lead a/an batman life. So How did you like my story?
  4. [ lol my cousin made that
  5. my mom does but my dad doesnt xD when my mom asks me what im on i call tamatalk "the fourm i go on" lol
  6. Super Smash brothers Brawl sometimes i hate, even though i have melee and this one. Reasons Why i hate it: Jigglypuff Has a Inaporopiate Move With her down Grab it looks like shes humping the person...bleghh >.< Toon Link Sometimes Looks Happy to die Pikachu sometimes looks happy to die Mario Sounds Like he has a cold unlike melee Toon Link Sounds Like Arthur From That PBS kids show! AND! They are teaching kids to hurt people and double jump WICH they CAN'T!!!
  7. I was listening to the magic school bus theme song because my stupid cousin was watching episodes 3-40 on a burned DVD and i thought i heard "Toon Link in the neighbourhood?!" when it was really "Octopus in the neighbourhood?!" lol
  8. The Magic School Bus Theme Song. My cousin was watching episodes 4-40 all day today since we didnt have school because of snow contitions
  9. the tarzan song i used to listen when i was in grade 2, 3, 4, and 5! i find it funy as in the name FUNKY xD
  10. Nothing xD i dont listen to music on the computer
  11. i have severe constapation and my cat barfed on the rug! i have constapation all the time because i go to mcdonalds every day! (well not everyday)
  12. 10/10 i guess i sould say, LOL! Yeaah, mine sucks. xD