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    I love the movie Cars =D<br>I love to play guitar.<br>I hate labels.<br>I love music.<br>Tamagotchis are amazing.

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  1. I laughed at the one that said it had a touch screen =3
  2. XD Yeah I know I saw that after =3 I'm sorryyyyy Isn't it such a pretty instrument? =]
  3. I like everything really =/ I play beetles songs. But I'm not so into classic rock. I do everything though, I can't really explain O.o
  4. Do you use it? Everyday How long do you usually stay on it? All Day <3 How would you feel if it went away? Terrible 3= I need to ask my parents if I can donate =/
  5. I know for a fact I will one day. But you gotta remember they're not like Tamagotchis where if they pass away you can get a new one. XD The idea of the pain though...hurts me. O.O; My mom always said that it was well worth it. Because in the end, you're baby's face will act like natural aspirin...your pain will leave. corny.....probably true though..lol
  6. How many calories are in paper and how many in crayons?
  7. Me neither! HOW ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING THIS!?!?!?!?!?
  8. The northern east part of the states got hit with a bit of a snow storm. I live in New York. The City, Queens is my borough, so it's a pain when it snows. 8-9" of snow O.O *faints* Snow Day =33 I'm currently sick with an illness anyway so I wasn't going to school today or tomorrow. I've been home for the past 2 weeks -.- I miss my friends O.O and i got a lot of makeup homework to do...which I probably won't do... I snowed up to about 1' in other areas and I think 14" was the highest. Anyone live over here? (not just in NYC but other states up in the northeast?)
  10. What do crayons taste like? O.O A lot of people are saying they're good...UGH PEER PRESSURE!! @_@ I gotta eat a crayon now.....are they toxic?
  11. Well this is my first day here so I never even tried this site on my Wii yet. I think you might be right about the java thing. It's a pain
  12. I'm just wondering. =] I don't wanna feel left out. I'm new here so I wanna see if anyone has some of the same interests as me plus it would be cool to have some friends that play the guitar so we can show each other what we learned or know =] I've been playing for about 4 or 5 years. But I really really got into it within the last 2 years. I'm in love with guitar though. Always have =] Anyone else play? and if you must, you may put down if your Tamagotchi has guitar skills =P
  13. Only one now, but the most I've ever cared for at one time was 2. THAT was hard. I could imagine the people here who said 7 or 8. I'm happy with my V6.