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  1. V2's have shops, V1's don't, I believe.
  2. Online, I got a ten pack of Tamagotchi batteries for $4.
  3. The female Ura characters are cute, as well as all the Universals, but that's where it ends.
  4. I really hope they'll remake V1 and V2! A new Angelgotchi would be so adorable, as well. Come on, Bandai! Listen to me!
  5. Hurrah! I thought it was lost forever. This one is the my first, and I can recall getting it in fifth grade... it was a source of great enjoyment! I'm so glad to find out! All I need to do is by some batteries at Wal-Mart and I'll soon be enjoying it!
  6. They don't have my favourite, Broadway (can that count as a genre?) so I'd say Jazz or Rock. Right now I'm listening to Rose's Turn from Gypsy.
  7. Awww... It looks just adorable. Shame only Japan is getting it.
  8. My parents always get a little irked whenever I buy a Tamagotchi... They think it's for little kids, but, oh well! At least I'm not buying make-up and such! I always keep my Tamagotchi's at home, and whenever I'm going somewhere else, the Tamagotchi's go to sleep. I do not want to be teased by other people! Sensitive soul, me.
  9. It's $15 here, and my allowance is rather small.
  10. Thanks, you guys! I'm glad I'm allowed to bring it on the airplane, and it's good to know this - otherwise I would have left it at home and been very sad.
  11. Hmmm... It looks cute and enjoyable, but I'll wait a few months to see if the price goes down. Any one else enjoying theirs?
  12. I have a female and a male Tamagotchi 4.5, I'm trying to get them to be oldies, so later I can get them to mate and see which kind of child they get.