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  1. It's been 2 years since I last logged in here ._.

  2. It's been 2 years since I last logged in here ._.

  3. hey i swa you today on music city cool it was on gotchi records you was an
  4. i was the first boy who get the platinum in purto rico any way i having problems with the distortion world batilin galactic sirus is so tough man can you help please and thanks
  5. jeje hey i dont nkow that the v6 can married the v5 post
  6. if the match maker wont come then your tama will grow older sorry
  7. wow im shure that it work but i worry tho resset my tama is a dango obatchi gen 2 so recomend me reset or keep it o... and his age is 11 i kep waiting two weeks and he dont die i want another baby (boy)
  8. your right that could be but i want a dreamtchi lets keep adding information lets do or best to solve that secret
  9. thats it the destiny star!!!! that could be transfered to the tama v6 and it could evolve in to the secret caracter i swa last week on gotchi records a 2# place winer that was a dreamtchi so i think that should be the secret so try it the destiny star prize is 1# gold so it gona do a lt of work try it from luis (culo34)in english is a**
  10. can i adopt a cuchipatchi and name it lime and his father lemon ? o and his mother name it sprite ??? tehe thethe jajajejejeje
  11. sorry marill and i dont wait two houers it was 1 min. p.s hey what your name ?? from luis (culo24)
  12. hey how can i put my photo please coment me
  13. marilllll comenttttttttttt two ahuers waiting for you to coment