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  1. OMG! green day thanks! thanks so much!! thanks! thanks! thanks!
  2. Thanks. Please ask to close this topic for me.
  3. my tamagotchi v5 beeped then a tooth showed. my pets are also sad. help!!!!!!!!!!
  4. just rate the above music video.
  5. i think the parents took the money.
  6. there is already a topic like this. but the topic title is Tamagotchi School Tips maybe you just change it to 'hiding' but i dont know if someone will close this.
  7. sorry i was in rush while I'm posting the difference above. by the way there children now!! 1. Mattaritchi - son 2. Tororotchi - daughter 3. Mousetchi - son Family - Artistic Family Bond Points - 20% Hungry - ♥♥♥♥♥ Happiness - ♥ I want them to be a Ninja Family that's why they only have one happiness!
  8. yay!! im going to my 10th generation! HERE it goes! 1. i pick Rosetchi and then Glasuntchi - hmmm... nope i dont want Glasstchi 2. i pick Rosetchi again and then WHAT!!!?? Glasstchi again! 3. i pick Rosetchi again and then WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Another Glasstchi but yeah they marry!!!! cause i have no choice cause i want to be in 10 g! 10 generation!!!!!!! Cool Shaking Eggs!! Parents: Mother : Tennyotchi Father: Glasuntchi Baby: 2 Futabatchi and 1 Mimifuwatchi
  9. mine is just 100 cause i hate math A LOT! but in facebook there is a IQ test and im AVERAGE!
  10. hey hotteatchi08 why did you REPLY to my log? i just said not to reply but why did u reply????? please next time dont reply to any tamalog besides you can make your own tamalog. I'm not angry to you but please dont do it again. You can PM me if you want to reply to my log. by the way here's the difference: ADULTS: 1. Anesantchi - daughter 2. Rosetchi - daughter 3. Magictchi - son Money is still the same Bond Points: 80% Family is a Active Family today's moth is MAY! and they are now looking to those beautiful flowers cause may is the moth of flowers!
  11. hey i have the disco black and red but i dont know where my aunt buy it she just give it to me as a gift!
  12. i heard its only in Mexico. hey i hope NEW JERSEY is not affected
  13. Awww. Jeez. I can't update my Tamalog for 1 day! because will go in my cousin's house! Sorry i can't say my updates about my tamagotchi for 1 day its actually on saturday... By the way Here's the difference: Appearance: Teenager 1. Ichigotchi- daughter (see its weird! tororotchi turned into a female!) 2. Kikitchi- son 3. Shelltchi - daughter Gotchi Points: 75,000 Bond Point: 50% Family: Active family hmm... there's nothing to say for now. so BYE!! T.c.!
  14. I forgot to tell my Bond Point yesterday! Its actually 30% now! Family is Active Family Money: 74000 Health:♥♥♥♥♥ Happiness: ♥♥♥♥♥
  15. So yeah, What do you think the world will have in year 3000? I think there will some more high tech things
  16. Mine is a Nokia 6101 and it actually look like this Click Here. HERE are some of the details about my CELLPHONE! Type Of Cellphone: Nokia 6101 Color: Red Cellphone No.: Sorry but its private! Main Wallpaper: NOW HIRING inside of a small white box Mini Wallpaper: Kuromametchi Ring tone: Nokia tune Message Tone: Nothing! thats all. what about yours?
  17. by the way my wallpaper in my cellphone is kuromametchi!
  18. i always play the drum contest and the game in the club pop! when you defeat the 10 challenger/last challenger you will get 1000 but the last challenger is hard and very fast! by the way im just gonna say that the 9th challenger is the Dreamtchi and the last challenger is Dazzilitchi.