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  1. Oh well, I figured it out. I had too many food items
  2. I'm on my 3rd generation on my V3. And now the shopkeeper doesn't make the surprised face anymore when I quickly press the a button. What happened?
  3. I had a break from Tamagotchis for a whole year, last year. Then I got bored and started playing with them again because my mom won't let me buy a DS. I'm 13
  4. The highest CD level I ever got was 5th, then I sold it cause I was desperate for money.
  5. How do you get Dreamtchi or Dazzitchi on the Music Star? Do you have to get a special item or something?
  6. My highest place was somewhere in the top 500 I don't join competitions often.
  7. Tamatown works for me now! I switched to Google Chrome, and now it works.
  8. Here's my problem: You probably won't believe it, but this is what happened. Every server.
  9. If Bandai wanted to fix Tamatown they'd better notify us first!
  10. I loved Heading and Get, but I hated Sprint and Bump.
  11. My sister's internet works but mine won't. I'm using Firefox 3.6. I don't know which internet type my sister's using
  12. I kind of have a similar problem... When I press the easy log in button it dims then turns back to normal. But when I try to press the easy log in button again it still doesn't work. When I go on the server select, holy crap, all the servers are full. Like, literally. All the areas are full. Is it just me, or do others have this problem too?