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  1. Looking at the growth charts and I think I understand now. For some reason I thought there were a lot more breedable pure characters on the m!x in general. >___< I was really looking forward to having a Cinnamoroll all to myself in a gotchi form. Thanks everyone! If anyone finds out anything different, please let me know. :-)
  2. I looked at the site you linked to @pyrotarukia, and I could mix PomPomPurin and Kiki, the little twin stars girl, so this just makes me more confused. :-( And @ichiro.malfoy, this makes me sad if it's true. However, I don't really understand the table? Where on there does it show all of the ones you can raise? Would it be more worth it to get a regular m!x for more characters? Thank you!!
  3. Hi all, it's been years since I've logged onto here but i'm thinking of getting back into tamas (my last one was an iD), and I've been looking at the m!x, specifically the newer Sanrio version. I've found a growth chart for the original and 20th anniversary mixes, but I'm not necessarily sure how it works on the Sanrio one. Can you get Sanrio characters through growth or are they only available to "mix" with through marriage? Thanks!!
  4. it won't let me see it. maybe you should try uploading it on photobucket, or tinypic, so you can get a direct link.
  5. i wish i knew that before i threw out my first v2.
  6. i was running 12 at the same time and they were all healthy and happy. i guess it depends on how much time you have. also, the tamagotchi music star is fun...but it can get boring/annoying. many people find it to be the 'worst version' because you have to buy your own food, and you'll have trouble if you're a street musician, which many people, including myself, have started off with on the first, second, or even third generation. if you want to keep yourself entertained, i suggest you save up for a tama-iD. it is definitely worth it.
  7. oh my god. that's really cool. i've never tried my hand at customizing one because i've always been scared to mess up and break it by accident. bold move on taking off the antennae by the way. did i mention i love the way you did it? lol.
  8. yeah i got that too. It comes with one of the newer designs for the Music Star, a DVD, and 3 little tamagotchi plastic collectibles.
  9. NO7272. No because I tend to use it alot, and also because it stands for number. 7272 because 72 is my favorite number. twice because... ... well, i don't know.
  10. lol. my school starts tomorrow, too, and the only thing that makes me excited about that is that i FINALLY get to see one of my best friends! then again, i'm not sure if she's even back from her vacation yet, so i'm not too sure. and as for celebrating, i think i'm going to kick back and relax rather than starting on a project that's due tomorrow, lol. no chance of getting it done now.
  11. use the merging style ; it makes it exciting but without making it unclear.
  12. i think it can be pronounced either way, seeing how lavulitchi seems to be the direct translation of lovelitchi. also, this topic is old, so i think you just bumped it. then again, same goes for me. EDIT: the topic is dated oct 2009 right? then why is it at the top of the list of forum topics in this category?
  13. i think i know what your problem might be. do you pause it while you sleep?