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  1. You mean like manga? (japanese comics read from right-to-left)
  2. Lol, I made a knock knock joke the other day.. Tick tick tick.. Whos there? -Click-Click- Click click who? -BOOOOOOM!!!! - (basicllly its a guy who opens a door to a time bomb!! LOL!)
  3. Too bad you live in america. I think braces are free/really cheap over here. (my teeth are like a cats almost ._. )
  4. My computer is virus protected ;D But even if i did get it, it wouldn't matter, i will be using a mac soon! LOL!
  5. Sleepwalking is weird. My cousin sleeptalks all the time. Like once when I was round his house, I woke up at 6am( don't know why, I often wake up early) and my cousin suddenly shouted "WHITE POWER RANGER DON'T WIN, PINK POWER RANGER DON'T WIN.. Snrrrroooore" I got startled. He has never sleep walked though. But like a month ago, I woke up..Next to the airing cuboard where we suspect my lost lizards might be (don't worry, thy escape every year and we always get them back) and my mother told me I was shouting something about the lizards. My mother was saying "you were shouting ' DOTTER!!?? WHY ARE YOU GREEN??!!' and I heard someone running, and then a loud BUMP. " Lol, it was probally me running down the stairs, into the dining room and fell over something. Not suprising. I'm a klutz day and night xD
  6. B. Walk run away. You are being squashed by a psychedelic ninja (wow thats random) what do you do? A.try to escape B. eat cheese C TWINKLE TWINKLE PATRICK STAR...
  7. innoccent GUILTY!! *bang* Ooops.. oh well.. HYE exploded something by accident because you were playing with chemicals? *looks fakely innoccent*
  8. Omg stay back!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHH!!!! *scream and run around in circles*
  9. Oops. I made it worse. I STILL PWN YOU! > I wish my mother would stop complainig about me..
  10. Then do something stupid. I works! I hate olives.... ._.
  11. Oh dear. Twinkle twinkle patrick star, I made myself a sandwitch; my mommy made the bread; it tastes like BEANS and Bacon, and smells like its already dead! I have a head, it ends in a point; POINTY POINTY POINTY POINTY POINT POINT!!! Pee-uw whats that horrible smell... PATRICK SONG 8D
  12. O_o What does Ybjv23 rehbsj mean?
  13. *runs away from Krystal and her supplments* Noooo!!!