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  1. Ok, this is weird. My tama's battery has been fine since I pressed the button on the back and dowloaded again at about 9 this morning. Right now, Mido's still 1, and weighs 36 pounds. He has two training bars, and can go to preschool. He's also a child now instead of a baby.
  2. I just carry it around in my pocket, and make sure it doesn't die. Nothing special, and I don't pamper it
  3. I just play games until it's as low as it can be, then feed it if needed
  4. Saria left last night, so now I have a baby boy named Mido (2nd gen.) He is currently 16 pounds, has a total of 14 skill points, and needs lots of care so he doesn't get sick or hungry. Baby tamas get sick easily.
  5. well, they aren't alive like humans, but they can still be fun and you don't want them to die
  6. well, they aren't alive like humans, but they can still be fun and you don't want them to die
  7. I understand how it keeps away shoplifters, but I really dislike that type of packaging, no matter what's in it... it's hard to open without getting cut.
  8. Ok, sorry for the fast post. This morning, Saria turned 7. She was able to change jobs, and I chose to catch balloons. At 3:00 today, the matchmaker came, and Saria had a baby boy. I am going to name him Mido, because this family has Legend of Zelda names. I am now waiting for the parent to return to her planet, and leave the child in my care.
  9. Today Saria turned 7, got a new job catching ballons, and had the matchmaker came and Saria had a boy. Gotta go.
  10. Saria got at job working at the bank at about 10 today. She is now 4, and weighs 30 pounds. She's still a teenager.
  11. Can someone tell me what you do on the v5 and v6 and what the differences are, other than the fact that the v6 doesn't have an antenna?