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    i can speak spanish, english and read portuguese.<br>these r my interests<br>tamagotchi,VIDEO GAMES-VIDEO GAMES-VIDEO GAMES GAMES GAMES!OLOLOL, U.F.Os, First person shooters, drawing,etc.

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  1. It says WHO WATCHES, not what the people think about it, WEEGEE.
  2. Nope, random facts are like, i have brown hair or something like that, not WEIRD facts, the ranndom ones you choose them, maybe some weird ones, but this one is only for WEIRD facts.
  3. DA BOX WYR, be slapped five times every day or eat liver everyday.
  4. it goes BOMBZ...AGAIN i wish to have a UFO for me :3
  5. Universe goes BOOM I wish to have the revenge of the fallen toy, The Fallen, not Demolishorr.
  6. My currently favorite object is my Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Deluxe class Rampage toy.
  7. staples, folded with BBQ sauccey ._. WYR, be on a room filled with insekts or be in the middle of a battlefield.