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  1. Gamestop stores already have them, for $8.99. I saw, looked, remembered how much better my Connection v2 is, and left them on the shelf.
  2. Maybe that's what it is, then. The two Tamas that mated -- a friend's and mine -- were at full or nearly full points.
  3. See my previous posting on the subject for theories. http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=17834
  4. I have teenagers not become adults until age 4. I'm not sure the reason for this, but it is not unusual.
  5. While having a different Tamagotchi nearly every day is fun in the beginning, having an adult is too beneficial. All the items (save some, like ball) become useable and Slots becomes available. Yay for adults!
  6. A Tamagotchi becomes an adult at 3 or 4 years of age. Pausing only makes the process go slower. Be patient.
  7. I played Jump a fair amount. But both parents also had either 8/9 training or 9/9. My method was to see what difference connecting made. I made sure to connect over ten times. I just got Kinako for my first time ever. It's hard to say what influenced it.
  8. That's Hitodetchi, a common toddler.
  9. Exactly. Weight influences several games. You want to have a thin, at minimum weight Tama for Jump; a hefty Tama for Bump, and a light-weight for Heading.
  10. From my understanding, there is no easy way to get the parent to leave. It leaves after two successive nights. On the finaly night, if you can stay up 'til midnight, you'll see the parent leave.
  11. An adult is the reward of raising a Tama successfully. Granted, I realize the previous stages of development aren't terribly exciting, as it limits you from the full range of games and items. Still, it is nice to be rewarded along the way as you raise your Tama. The only way to get an adult before age 3-4 would be to debug, but that's risky and sometimes regretful.
  12. It's the one toddler I've never managed to get. Anyone know any way to get it? Any certain way to treat the baby?
  13. The costume can be worn and used like any item. Simply by pressing the B button in your inventory list. However, costume can only be worn by an adult.
  14. The previous post explains debugging sufficiently, but I believe it is worthwhile to note that folks frequently regret debugging their Tama. A majority of the fun associated with Tamagotchis is the surprise. Not knowing which character you'll get next time is one of the most fun things about raising them. While it is interesting to finally get control of a character you've never seen, I've heard it is unsatisfying. I think it takes too much from the gameplay, like religiously following a video game guide book. Just my thoughts. I would never debug.
  15. 21?! I'm just checking to see if this is a typo --- but you're saying Oyajitchi gets the Matchmaker around 21 years?