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  1. Q. Why arent you breathing? A. Toenails
  2. Q. What gave you that black eye? A. My cat.....
  3. Just say what else you are doing. Like, I am on facebook wishing everyone a Happy Saint Patricks Day. Or, I am eating a giant bowl of pudding. Or whatever! I actually am on facebook, so..............Your turn!!!!!
  4. Q. Who robbed the bank? A. cheese sticks!
  5. Ugh, I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ them! I saw their comatose concert!!!!!
  6. the site isnt finished but heres the link: *edit: removed link - site rules - personal links or web sites in your signature message ONLY - thanks*
  7. Good idea! What do you think it should be called?
  8. I am starting my own forum similar to this one, but not a tamagotchi related one. It's mostly role plays and talking about stuff and anything else you want me to add. I have a few questions first though. Would you join? What should it be called/title/name of site? What all should I put on it? Any ideas for it? Comments? Questions?
  9. 8/10 that was deep man, that was deep
  10. Funky~Lemon Mellow~Mushroom You totally stole my name mojo. I shal call you Theif!
  11. Oh, I hate blondies myself. My dentist wears funny glasses that make his eyes look all huge.
  12. I totally saw that coming 2222? Don't smell stinky cheese. (idk, that works I guess)
  13. Your name is Ksenia, right? Of course I am right. I am pshycic. Not really. I cheated. I am a terrible cheater person. These are the eyes of a cheater. X(