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  1. Actually, the problem Tama-Star_Girl was referring to was that the percentage did not even appear. The music note with the loading percentage on it was blank and did not even say "0". It said "" (Nothing). Anyway, I've tried Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari and none of them worked. I do not have an anti-virus program and also, I'm using a Mac. Even after Music City updated, I still couldn't load it. I suspect that it has something to do with my meddling with the mac. The file I edited couldn't load properly when the Mac's battery was nearly flat and Music City loaded correctly. Obviously, the next thing I knew after the "3%" which actually loaded was a black screen. The Mac had shut down. That was the only time I saw Music City load after the problem started. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the connection error message would pop up several seconds later. In other words, I can wait forever but it still wouldn't load.
  2. Just now.... I went on to Music City and opened a new tab (in Firefox) searching for a topic about people having the same problem. After I found this topic, I switched back to my Music City tab and for a split second, I saw "3%". THE GAME WAS FINALLY LOADING!!!!! But that didn't last long as my battery ran out a moment after. Tough luck. I may never see that percentage symbol on Music City again.
  3. I'm just darn irritated as these characters I worked so hard to get once are now obtainable by like... everyone who desires it. And looking at the Nazotchi codes that have been posted... I froze. I was the first or second one to crack that code. Seriously, some guy leaked it to some other guy and now to the world. If someone else really did crack the code, it's still the same. That person spreaded it and I wasted my time.
  4. At this point, it is still a little short try expanding it.
  5. The story's sooooooo much longer compared to the previous posts! Want to see how it ends already.
  6. 2 URLs. Music City Special Codes Music City Character Codes
  7. My favourite is Kikitchi. It's obvious since he's in my avatar and Youtube account avatar too. I don't know why but he was my favourite ever since I found out he existed! I always knew Mametchi wouldn't be my favourite forever!
  8. Bandai SURELY wouldn't want Spot and Mocha to be used by EVERYONE in Music City, SERIOUSLY! What Tamastargirl did was OBVIOUSLY to prevent people asking for the code and oh LOOK! IT'S GIVEN AWAY! WOW GREAT JOB FOR MAKING TAMASTARGIRL CRY! D:< One more thing. STFU Mamitchi123!
  9. I'm SURE I'm not the one. I seldom enter contests before Thursday or Friday.
  10. Off topic: NO0000, can you please stop talking like... "DOUBLE SLAP IN YOUR FACE" "UNCOOLIO" "but whatever" All you're doing is reminding me of the irritating girls in my class.
  11. Oh, err, ok... So I edited the Spot and Mocha Code, NOT the Mametchi code, to get Nazotchi. Kind of weird though... You can get it through Mametchi AND Spot and Mocha. I seriously don't get it! Oh and guess what... I used the Spot and Mocha Code trying to crack OTHER codes and how many characters did I crack... Maskitchi Kunotchi Dazziitchi Rexitchi Otokitchi Nazotchi And Mametchi is so far from 13200. He's, 11300!
  12. Ok... Now THAT is some messed up Tamagotchi. The weirdest glitch I've ever heard about in the Tamagotchi Music Star. You really should report this to Bandai. That would give you some answers.
  13. Hey! Ya, I know we hacked. SO!? WE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOULDN'T YOU BE HAPPY!? INSTEAD OF SAYING THAT WE HACK IN MULTIPLE TOPICS!? You know I can START HACKING again if I want to! I'm SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY that binary removed the fight in the other topic. Just stop saying that we hacked! You don't need to continue this fight by talking back. Just END it. Why can't you pretend it ALL never happened!? And be friends with Tama-Star_Girl again? You're making her upset all because of ONE STUPID INCIDENT!?
  14. Hey... I used to hack in Music City remember... 1st Gotchi Gold: 2000000 CD Points needed. Or maybe it was 3000000... I found out how to get 1st Gotchi Gold within a minute last time!!!! Now the hack doesn't work, of course.