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  1. i hated them. but other people are in love with them.
  2. mine are blue-grayish and they have hazel around the pupil. they change depending on my mood.
  3. i heard it in a fwd. i didnt think it was true at first.
  4. april 12th. i named the baby jordan. hes been doing pretty good, hes sleeping right now.
  5. i love them, theyre my favoritest band ever.
  6. april 11th. alexxii is the same as always. just looking after her baby. im still thinking of what to name the baby.
  7. april 10th. alexxii got married to one of those characters that look like a ducky. they had a boy. idk what ta name it. if you have any suggestions pm them.
  8. 1>forever;papa roach. 2>fake it;seether. 3>dragula;rob zombie. 4>pimpin';hollywood undead. 5>california;hollywood undead. 6>heartless;kanye west. 7>the climb;miley cyrus. 8>when im gone;three doors down. 9>starstruckk;3OH!3 10>chokechain;3OH!3 11>see you again;breathe carolina. 12>devour;shinedown. 13>second chance;shinedown. 14>how do you sleep;jesse mccartney. 15>24s;ti 16>she hates me;puddle of mudd 17>scars;papa roach 18>physco;puddle of mudd. 19>TNT;ac/dc. 20>rock n roll train;ac/dc. 21>all summer long;kid rock. 22>sweet home alabama;lynyrd skynyrd. 23>crazy train;ozzy osborn. 24>ice cream;jeffree star 25>i almost told you that i loved you;papa roach
  9. april 9th. alexxiis 4 now. and she ranks 30th with 48,445,779 tama fans.
  10. yeauh. like today the manager gave me 20,000. yesterday he gave me 10,000.
  11. see you again by breathe carolina. **i think its way better than miley cyrus'**
  12. i passed mine like the first time. i went from being 999th ta 93rd.
  13. april 8th my band just passed the auditions. i got paid 10,000.
  14. how do you get more gotchi points.