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  1. Certificate thingy: Do it on this page cause the other versions' pages don't work.
  2. Lets talk about Nintendogs. I used to have the Lab one but then I lost it so I have the best friends one. (I gave my sis the Special DS lite that comes with it because I already had a black one at the moment.) I have 2 dogs. Im going to the malll today so i'll try bark mode there. If there already is a Nintendogs Topic that is still alive and not bumped. Close this one.
  3. I went to GameStop (I love that store) and got a used best friends version of Nintendogs. And my sis got the special DS that comes with it cause she didn't have a DS.
  4. Not only in Australia The US onles wll come with the music stae
  5. Ehh, umm.... I'd love to have Peach's Mach bike and suit from Mario Kart Wii. And I'd like Amy Rose to be my friend. And her hammer and Sonic Riders board. And a Cupid Kirby.
  6. The box, Tama, and manual look real to me.
  7. I'm so Jealous... But congrats on winning! Hopefully this survey will convince Bandai to make an English color though.
  8. Whee! 5 years! I've been here since it's 3rd (on another account~) I'm so glad we're on the 5th year! Most websites don't make it past their first.
  9. I use codes a lot! And make sure to the enter button after each answer when making a poll.
  10. It's not on youtube, only the clips and previews.
  11. yes and yes, Chart: