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  1. ^^ I get the Sparta thing ahahahaha. Today, all day, Luke and I spoke on third person. In an interview, Jack Barakat did it and the interviewer was laughing so he was like, "Jack thinks this is very unprofessional." I kept saying that in social studies and Katie kept laughing. Then I had to read and I read in third person, and in a stupid voice. "ALICE SAYS, blah blah..." It was so funny (: Then Luke listened to Shake It and we both yelled "SHAKE IT BY METRO STATION" the second it came on (: In PE, poor Rosie got her period, so she went to the toilet and came back crying because she got it for the first time ): Anyway our teacher is SO STUPID (We were all sitting out) and she was trying to explain to him that she had to go back and stuff and he was just straight out saying no, so I came over and was like, "SIR. IT'S AN EMERGENCY." and he was all, "Oh, right. Go." and yeah, I went with her and we laughed about it (: Good times. : D
  2. OH MY GOSH I FORGOT TO ADD ONE Teenage Birtbag - All Time Low. Yay for covers <3
  3. Lost In Stereo by All Time Low, it doesn't really describe my life, but I like to think it does because I adore music : D <33 Weightless by All Time Low <3 Oh my goodness, I remember when I signed up I was so in love with this song and it's definitely becoming a favourite again because everyone's just so the same lately; Do What You Do - Cute Is What We Aim For : D Shame they broke up ;-; Don't Speak Liar by We The Kings, definitely, because it's kind of like, ugh, I've not heard the truth about something in so long ):
  4. HEY MONDAY WOO ^^!! Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal - All Time Low. Best song title ^^ <3
  5. Luke and I stole Rosie's umbrella and ran around with it trying to fly (: It was so windy so it bent backwards and died ): Then we all started singing Umbrella : D In drama, we were doing mask performances and my mask fell over my face and I couldn't breathe and freaked out and Lucas started yelling "HER FACE IS FALLING OFF. OH MY GOD HELP HER!" and he threw me onto the floor and was yelling "SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE. HELP!" and then he took the mask off, and was all "Oh, yeah, no worries, false alarm... *Cough*" It was so funny lol. Then Jordan had to go out of drama, and we had the lights off, and he got called up to the office to go home, but he couldn't find his shoe, so we turned on all the lights and then someone went "... Is that it behind you...?" and he was all "Oh, right." so everyone started clapping as he went outside : D Then of course on the bus I was next to Lukeeeeeeeh, and these kids from another school got on the bus and had this bit of paper. It was folded this way so when you flung it, it made a snapping noise, and Luke and I were sitting right next to them going, "How long do you think until they get bored?" and yeah anyway, everytime they did it, we'd just look at each other and crack up laughing. Then it broke and we laughed so hard I nearly died lmao. Gosh I love him LOL.
  6. Ah yesterday, Katie started sending me all these abusive texts during maths, because we're in different classes, and she was saying things like "OMG. IMMA STAB YOU IN THE EYE WITH A RUSTY PENCIL SHARPENER AND THEN WATERBOARD YOU. GRR. WHERE IS YOUR TEACHER?!". Then she called me, and I listened to an entire lecture about why we need to know long division. My teacher wasn't there so we just did nothing for a whole lesson : D People were like hiding under desks, and the coolest teacher ever, Mr Singh, was like, "If I don't see it, it never happened, so I'm just gonna look at this book the whole lesson... Because I have no work to give you." so we all went nuts yay : D
  7. ^-^ Luke did that song at a performance at schoooool for an assignment : D Stella - All Time Low. "Because I can imagine all our fans getting wasted to that song." "Yeah, all our fourteen and fifteen year old fans.."
  8. Lucas and Dan. OH MY GOSH SO FUNNY. In English, we were talking and Lucas started telling this story about how he tried to cut his cats whiskers off and our teacher goes, "Maybe you should see a counsellor, Lucas." and so he started singing Therapy, by All Time Low. I had no idea. At break, Dan and Lucas were being idiots and dancing around and stuff, so we all went for a walk to the oval and they started spinning around and then trying to jump over things. They were falling on each other and on everyone else. When they got bored with trying to jump over things, they got Luke's ball and started spinning and kicking it LOL. Oh my gosh they looked like they were drunk : D In PE, Katie had to do like a flippy thing and then I had to grab her feet and pull them up, and because I'm so short, it was REALLY hard to do.. She kept kicking me in the face and in the chest and stuff. It was hilarious. In French, I didn't do my homework so my teacher made me stand up and speak for five minutes, about myself, all in French. Everyone cheered because I went for like ten minutes and we didn't have as much class time : D /Heroic.
  9. Yay Almost Alice <3 Hah. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) - ALL TIME LOW <3
  10. MTV Unplugged.. You know, the All Time Low one : D Next month they have a DVD coming out (Hopefully in Australia tooooo <3) so I need to get that. Mayday Parade and All Time Low posters. -Sigh- Alice In Wonderland soundtrack! <3 Birthday presents/party supplies for Emmmmmmmma. Cow print material for my darling Rosie hahahaha. Owl City's album, because I'm actually really starting to like them (: Tickets to any upcoming Ellington gig, because I haven't seen them forever ): <3 NEW IPOD EARPHONES MY GOODNESS. Thanks about all really hah. Some of that stuff will probably be bought by like me and Katie and stuff so I won't be paying completely for all of it D:
  11. Painting Flowers is your signature and you're listenting to All Time Low. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY <3 Poison - All Time Low : D