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  1. Please someone tell me how to change my pic!!!

    1. TamaMum


      http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/85686-how-to-setchange-your-avatar/#entry3333741 - check out this topic from our Users Guide to TamaTalk forum - it should help.
  2. What do you mean by YouTube Celeb?
  3. You are not the only one. Or that would be stupid.
  4. Thats really good. I like the trouble is, the lyrics on screen are a bit slow, but other than that, its exellent.
  5. I do wonder what the next Zelda game will be like. Does link turn into a donkey? 8D
  6. Lol there was a Miley Cyrus ad when I saw this topic. Anyway, Short Stack. ANY THING BUT MILEY CYRUS. UGH. (By the way, I though she was called "Miley stewart?"
  7. Nooh! Petz 5 is cool. I must say.. Second Life. Its one of 20 things that grabs my attention span. I also like.. Zelda Sonic + Marion (olympics) AC:WW even though I rarely go on it xD Sonic riders Other sonic games if they aren't too tedious. Aaaand Tamagotchi Corner shop 3. Its so addicting.
  8. My town is littered with my stuff, I hardly ever pay my morgage.. Yeah, its a real neglect. I hardly go on the DS anyway.
  9. Defeintly. I like the set-in-the-past Zelda theme anyway.
  10. Eyeshadow is IN over here. Usaully cool colours.
  11. Gotta be Tokyo mew mew (I don't look like it but I really adore catgirls.) And the Zelda OOT manga.
  12. I bet my brother will want it. He loves phantom hourglass. I played phantom hourglass for like 15 minutes and then I got stuck. I didn't know what to do. That reminds me, I MUST play twilight princess, or I will die. Trouble is, the wee Wii is busted. It will flicker at the side of the screen. Works otherwise. But for some stupid reason I think that I should enjoy all the graphics of Twilight Princess perfectly. 8D And I have been reading about Zelda things here for fun. Cuz I am bored.
  13. Its because I am a second life addict 8D Crux= Mutant/Alien creature that looks like a wolf and a velociraptor. Evil, but cute.
  14. Coco pops or that Strawberry Crisp cereal. I do have milk.