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  1. I'm currently reading The Young Queens by Kendare Blake. It's a side story to the main story, Three Dark Crowns.
  2. Reading the title to this thread made me feel happy. I’m also enjoying a staycation, so the relaxation is doing a tremendous amount to make me happy.
  3. I just started playing and I definitely see what you mean. I just muted the app as a quick fix, hehe.
  4. Hope you have a happy birthday. :)

  5. I currently use an iPhone 5. I'd like to switch to a Samsung phone sometime soon.
  6. I like to take mine out of the box. They look nicer that way, in my opinion.
  7. I love dalmatians and dachshunds! I would definitely get one or both in the future. It just takes a lot of time and effort to raise a dog, especially from the puppy stage.
  8. I completely agree, haha. I just started thinking about tamagotchis again after quite a few years of completely forgetting about them and when I searched some up online, they have really risen in price!
  9. The last movie I watched was Insidious 2. Great horror movie!
  10. One of my favorite anime opening songs is "Tsukihana" by Nana Kitade. It's the opening for Hell Girl - Mitsuganae.
  11. I'm currently watching an episode of Dr. Phil.
  12. My 4 main fears are being unable to escape, vomiting, things having to deal with demons, and heights.
  13. If I had to choose a top 3: • "Grandloves" - Purity Ring • "Belispeak" - Purity Ring • "Lofticries" - Purity Ring As you might be able to tell, I love Purity Ring. ;D