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  1. O______________________________________o
  2. Umm... what you are using there.
  3. I got one of those ones on neopets that read "if u need mor neopnts copy and paste this message send it to 14 ppl and when ur done press f4 you will get 8000000000 the np shud pop up just like dat" I did forward it, but I rewrote it so that it read "If you need more neopoints DO NOT copy and past this message and send it to 14 people because if you do you will get frozen/banned if you want more neopoints go to the games section and play some games sheesh"
  4. A loud slurping noise comes out of nowhere O__O *presses the Aisha button o.o*
  5. O_O I dunno. Iay maay oredbay. Iay Indfay omethingsay otay oday.
  6. Platinum. Mah team: Leafy the Grotle- Lv. 28 Shinx the Luxray lv 37 Wurmple the Wurmple lv 19 (I'm gonna get it to 100 without evolving XD) Flare the Flareon lv 32-ish Kira the Ralts lv 17 Pidgy the Starly lv 12 (need him for fly) I'm past Veilstone city, -trying- to get to Snowpoint but i dunno how All of my team are female apart from Pidgy and Leafy.
  7. I'm holding my spotted aisha now. I wub her ♥
  8. lol my neopets plushies. Soooo cuuute. Plus many other various pokemon and sonic dolls.
  9. Dunno whether you are talking about a band or not. That 1 + 1 = 11
  10. Agree. That Klonoa pwns Shadow the hedgehog in a strange way? XD