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  1. Please Answer the poll and if u want 2, a reply telling what you voted for and what server you have. I probably will report this info to Bandai. So please, CONTRIBUTE!!!
  2. Hello. I recently bought the first book in the Twilight Saga. (after my friend was bugging me about reading it.) So far im only on page 75, but i still love it. I am kicking myself about not seeing the movie. My teacher last year told me about it and at first I was a little skeptical about reading a book about vampires, but it is great. Stephenie Meyer is a brilient writer!! Who's with me on this?
  3. I have Internet Explorer and i recived my email 2 weeks after signing up. i think there was a glitch in the program, but it's fixed now. i think it dosn't matter what thing you have. (Firefox,Yahoo, MSN)
  4. Hello Tama Fans! This is Catz112233 reporting to you live from my computer. Recently, i had just bought a tamagotchi Music Star. When I tried 2 set up an account, it accepted me, but i never recived my conformation letter. Now the site is working, but still!! Bandai should really be on the ball about technical glitches and other problems. who's with me on this?
  5. Hello. This is Catz112233 speaking about the Keitai and Akai Tamas. Just letting everybody know they're not new characters, but new tama systems alltogether. First lets talk about the Keitai tama. While we in the good old USA recived V2 from Bandai, Japan came out with the Keitai. Not much is different between the V2 and the keitai, except for 2 major things. 1st is the keitai can communicate w/ japanese cell phones! I don't know how or why, but i know they do. Next is the fact you can feed them different, more japanese based items, like sake. After the 1st 4 times u feed it sake it will refuse to drink anymore. (Mabye it's drunk LOL ) Anyway, otherwise its like a normal tama V2. Now we move on to the Akai tama. It's practicly like the Keitai, but w/ a red screen and red icons instead of the usual black. The red screen has a minor setback. in the wrong light, it is impossable to see, and even harder to photograph. As far as I know, they are able to connect with V2 tamagotchi connexions/connections, but i don't think they can breed. They are NOT debuggable, so do NOT try to debug them!!!!!! (Disclaimer: I have never owned a Tama Keitai/ Akai. So do not hold me responsable for slightly off info. I recived this information from a friend who has owned/seen one.)
  6. Well, even though Boulevard of Broken Dreams is Greenday, it's still a good song. I recently bought a AAR cd and Gives U Hell and Dam Girl is all i listen 2. To bad my cd dosn't have Move Along on it. Simple Plan is good. Im Just A Kid is just as cool as Welcome 2 My Life & I'd Do Anything. They RULE better than a ruler!! (WOW, that was lame)
  7. Im pretty sure that that Ketai and Akai are V4's, but i can look it up 4 u. Good question Kikitchi~Kitty! I'll Message u when i find out k?
  8. Who here loves AAR and Simple Plan? For those idiots who don't know who AAR is, they are the All American Rejects. Duh!!
  9. I prefer AAR and Simple Plan, but FOB is kind of hot 2.
  10. Hello! This is Catz112233 coming to all u new tama owners/ and or people who need a little extra help. Table Of Contents How To Start........... Info On How 2 First Wake Ur Tama From Its Slumber (LOL) Your Tama & U............ Info On The Basic Icons And What They Mean & How 2 Care For Ur Tama Pal Please Note this guide is for V3 & V4 only!! Sorry! How To Start To Wake your tama, carefully remove the tag on the back. You should here a sound. Then, you should see an egg. Wait a minute or two till it hatches. it will eather be black (Boy) or white (girl). Next, you have to enter the time and date. Then you enter your birthday. After you name your tama, you must enter your user name. Then it will beep. That most likely means its starving to death! Read On to find out how to feed it and care 4 it. Your Tama And U The first Icon you see looks like a gauge. press the left button to shuffle through the icons. Press the middle button to select things. Press the right button to cancel. Select the gauge to view info about ur tama. EX. name, hunger, happyness, weight, age, training bar, generation, and user name. when the hearts on the hurger,happy meter r low, they need 2 be fed. the next icon is a little chef head. 1ce u select it, you will b given the option of a meal, of snack. meal raises fullness. snack raises happiness. the next icon is a toilet. we all know what that does! Next is the bat and ball. from here you can play games, shop for items, enter passwords for special items, (cheak out my code post for help), and cheak your souvenirs recived in . next you see a heart. This is where you can select a playmate 2 play with.( the tamas must be at least 1 in. away from each other. next is a pacman figure. here is where you can praise your tama when its crying, or scold it when it has its back to you. next is where you can give it medicine when you hear a beep and see a tooth or a skull. (you may have to select this more than once to heal it.) there is eather a light (V3) or a letter (V4) next. The light, when selected, can turn the screen dark, or normal. when your tama is in aa box sleeping, turn the lights off. The V4 may sometimes recive a letter from he is the mailman. you will eather recive a fortune ( star) money, poo, a burgurler, or a heart (A letter) or an important event like the start of tama school. ( Letter w/ ! on it). Almost done! finally there is an open book. here is where you can make donations to the tama king, see your friends list, and cheak your tama history. i hope this post helps you alot. Please Comment!!!