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  1. lol that was my old high score :P

  2. ...I think I've owned you. :)

  3. Lol...Im assuming you never read my very first post. I didn't even release it until I had a good amount of people wanting to know.
  4. As the original hacker of tamatown, I would just like to say to all that have said im ruining the game, an to all that have said its cool an it worked, and to all that have said its impressive but they will never try it, Thank you. There isn't much to say...I clarified I only did this for 2 reasons, I was bored, and I wanted stuff for my tamagotchi. For all of the people hacking votes, good job, but don't ruin the game for everyone else. Cause they are putting there disapproval in my post lol. But yeah...I officially have done what I wanted to do. I don't even play with my tamagotchi anymore...(I probably will soon, I just need to reset it) but I have only hacked tamatown for my personal gotchi points, if this discovery led to more discoveries, then HOOOSHAW! Keep hacking, just have some discretion people ;] there is a lot of people who want to enjoy the game, and with such a small community as tamatown, it would be rude to ruin it for them... so yeah come on guys. Thanks everyone, you probably wont be seeing me on here anymore... if you guys have any real question about the hack, I will reply to you forsure if you AIM me or YAHOO me at AIM: zeusy444 YAHOO: I dont read emails from yahoo either...just the IM's so yeah. Take care, Skrimps
  5. It can't be done in internet explorer. Well It probably can but I don't have the answer to that. I use broadband internet.
  6. Yes it is, I did this on 2 tamagotchi Music stars. Its 100% tested.
  7. go on youtube an look up, How to hack tamatown and get unlimited gotchi points
  8. everyone the link is in my siggy! or that! Thats the vid how to hack!
  9. I made a very friendly version of my last video, and this time I actually show you how to hack! sorry for anything I may have said that was rude before, i really am a nice guy! PG RATING-NO CUSSING THIS TIME : D DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW TO HACK TAMATOWN! (possibly processing still depending on when you watch the video.
  10. Sorry about that, got a little heated.
  11. Do I care? Haha NO! Can't stop me from buying tamagotchi's can they?
  12. wow you think i edited this on paint? ok well im making a video of it. so you can eat dirt when I prove you wrong. Ill have the next hour. So just chill UPDATE: Videos done, currently updating. HERE IS THE VIDEO: depending on when you read this it might be still processing btw the video has some cussing in it. PG-13 RATING! NO LITTLE KIDS! AND I MOCK ROYAL_TAMA_KING FOR NOT BELIEVING IN MY HACKING =[