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  1. Too many to count. On the bookmarks bar, I have a few categories. Art: posemaniacs ,iscribble, deviantART, tegaki e, Zdzislaw Beksinski's website, yay!everyday (I honestly don't know what that website is about. I saw a pic on there ONCE and bookmarked it), oekaki central School: classzone, school's webpage, school's out: status of _____ county public schools tv: watchanimeon, death note tv, tailedfox, anime season, bishounen gallery (OTL), junjou romantica downloads, myanimelist, veoh, watch trueblood online, " ", drawn together blogspot, watch avatar online, " ", hyper parfait MMO: gaia, tektek, japanese version of gaia, second life forum: tama party 2, tz, tt, tpt, tp2sn, exophiles, twilight sucks! forum, peacecity, bb&pnut oh my:, lemons, tales-of-sharingan, a123m, lily, ERISED, ultimate naruto lemons (OTL), twisted hilarity, feltbeats, dazzle me this, mr. vampire, crimson garden, sandchamber, 25 days of (yaoi) christmas, japanese host men, avatar official website, music from avatar, yaoitube, -something else i don't want to disclose-, y!gallery, fresh baked,, memegen, chronicles of vladimir tod, tom felton daily, animemunter.swf, hetalia indexes, oresama no blog, some kind of kanji that i can't read, bea arthur mountains pizza Retarded: facebook, twitter, encyclopedia dramatica, real wishes, youtube, celebritytweet, collegehumor, a really long rickroll, creepypasta, know your meme, tinychat, plurk, autocomplete me, probably bad news, daily squee, averagewizard, livejournal, this is why you're fat, formspring, 2girls1cup: the biggest reaction video ever! tosh.0, stumbleupon, the oatmeal, meme generator, cracked, epicute, it made my day, mlia, tfln, gmh, fml, pooktre, 2leep Deadly Accurate Search, which is like a ninja version of Google. Saves Watts, which is an energy saving version of Google. Regular old Google. Not even mentioning the zillions of bookmarks I have besides the ones in the bar.
  2. I've been trying to get into realism more than anime, but I still like to draw that stuff every so often. Here's a super quick doodle of China from APH (with Russia in the corner). Pretty crappy, but it shows off my style quite well. I still need some major work on cleaning up lines, hands, shading, and cloth wrinkles, but I'm not too too horrible.
  3. Gives Me Hope. Just adorable, amazing, sweet stories. Love Gives Me Hope is good too. :')
  4. I really like the name Ivan. Except it'd be something like, "Oh, you're Russian?" "No." "Oh...okay then." I only want one kid, or twins. I don't really like any girls' names, and for the boys', well, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
  5. Hair: Rub baby powder in your hair to make it appear less greasy. Lemon juice on your hair in the sun lightens it. Acne: Dip a cotton ball in lukewarm water and put salt on it after it's soaked. Put over a zit and keep it there about two minutes. Should dissolve the head. Put Visine (eye drops) on a zit to make the redness go down. For acne scars, but Vitamin E oil on it every night. Not really a remedy, but a tip. You really shouldn't, but if you're trying to pop a zit or a blackhead or something, don't squeeze more than three times. Could inflame the skin. Try using the Clean&Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets too. Sunburn: Aloe, or lotion. Ice water, and wait til it starts to collect condensation and put it on the sunburnt area. Doesn't heal it, but it brings down the pain. And for dry skin, Kukui Nut Oil is amazing. Works on those little red dots you can get from shaving.
  6. Wind - Akeboshi it's so nostalgic to me !! First ending to Naruto, and it just makes me remember the summer a long while ago when I first started watching it down at the beach. c:
  7. It's basically all tv themes for me OTL haha I'll need to get more later because if I keep going, I'll miss my bus.
  8. Avatar:: Um. I like Hetalia, and I find it interesting how they react to porn. So it's America, England, and China apparently seeing porn through binoculars. (I wanted to use the one I have from the freaky 'delicious tomato' MAD that someone did. It's of Germany getting funky.) Sig:: Just a few yt videos I like. User:: Just watched Sozin's Comet before registering, and the "All hail Firelord Zuko!" thing was stuck in my head, and my nickname is Izzi.
  9. One Tin Soldier - The Original Castle We sang this in Music like a month ago and it's been stuck in my head.
  10. Rachel: PEEL THIS ORANGE. I CAN'T PEEL THIS FREAKING ORANGE. Me: Why don't you scrape it across my WASHBOARD ABS. -total silence- Megan: Uh yeah. How about no. And me and Danielle were telling racist jokes in Social Studies. I shouldn't repeat any, but they were so funny. Okay, so it's the very last class, everyone is pretty much milling around the room waiting for them to call seventh grade busriders, and Michael keeps coming up behind Sam and burping right in her ear, and I just burp really loud, point, and say, "Leave." He just starts cracking up. Hey, you fight fire with fire in this situation.
  11. asdfghjkl- I would not be who I am today without Studio Ghibli. (don't know if that's good or not) I can remember the exact order I saw the movies in. Kiki's Delivery Service, then Spirited Away, then The Cat Returns, then Porco Rosso, then Nausicaa: of the Valley of the Wind, then Princess Mononoke, then Howl's Moving Castle, then My Neighbor Totoro, then Castle in the Sky, and most recently, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. I saw Kiki way back in Kindergarten, and pretty much all of my family did as well. I'd watch it literally ALL THE TIME. I still love it. SP in, like second grade I think. It's only been recently the whole No-Face barfing scene hasn't made me leave the room or something. (I'm really squeamish about that stuff). I had the biggest crush on Haku. Still do, as a matter of fact. I really didn't want to watch Cat Returns, but my mom said I'd like it. She was right. Same goes for Porco. That one's my dad's favorite. Out of the ost's for all the Ghiblis I have, I like this one the best. Just sounds so lovely and Mediterranean. (I just love the whole Italian theme. I have no clue why, I just do). Nausicaa, I spent most of the time hiding behind a pillow. It just freaked me out so much. Mononoke I avoided for the longest time. I'd had the movie for like three years before I finally had the bazinga's to watch it. I still HATE the part where (ugh I forget it's name) the boar god is like, falling apart. Immediately fell in love with HMC. It's my favorite of all the Ghibli's. I still have a sweet spot for Howl. I just love him to pieces. Totoro, well, I don't see how anyone CAN'T like this movie. Didn't have much of a plot, but I liked that. I always watch it on rainy days. ALWAYS. CitS was alright. I didn't like it as much as the others. I think I waited pretty much the entire movie for Sheeta and Pazu to kiss, and it never happened. Notice how I said Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. I watched the Japanese version about three months before it was released in the US on animecrazy or something. I can't stand the crappy job they did on the dub. But I love the storyline and the animation. The storm scenes were my favorite. From when Sosuke left the daycare on to when Lisa left the house to Sosuke. Ghibli is just, there are no words to express how much I love it.
  12. I have one, but I never tweet anything really of interest, mind you. c: I'll follow everyone who's posted so far if they follow me~
  13. Eh, nothing much for me. But I always know when celebrities are just desperate for attention when they follow you on Twitter before you follow them. Either that or they just like people. Sean Kingston and Justin Beiber followed me before I followed them. Kinda makes me feel special, because I see about a million @justinbieber tweets a day saying "pleez fllow mii !!!!1!!". Smirk mode.
  14. Oh man, I haven't seen Potter Puppet Pals in forever and a day. I do love those though. Most of mine probably wouldn't fly with some, seeing as they're anime-related, and pretty much just wtf kind of videos. But Monty Python always wins. ALWAYS. Biggles (are you a poof?) I have more I'll post later.
  15. Incredible movie. Although Howl's Moving Castle ranks a little higher with me. I remember having like the biggest crush on Haku when I first watched it. Wait, why am I using past-tense? I still have like the biggest crush on Haku. c: But yeah, I absolutely adore this movie. Second Miyazaki movie I ever saw. Kiki's Delivery Service was the first. <3