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  1. it was new, in a sealed box.. shipping it back to him and trying to get it fixed will cost more than the tamagotchi itself. Fortunately i was able to play the heck out of my tmgc+c before it got broken. I got the happy signs and made a picture blog too..
  2. I got this kind... the new yellow one. It worked FINE for one week!! ebay pic And this is a picture I took of it the day I got it.. Yellow Tamagotchi I'm so SAD!!!
  3. it hasn't been in contact with water... It was on my bed when it made that long bleep.... then died... Shipping it to Bandai will cost more than buying a new one.. I'm not buying a new one anymore. I'm afraid I might get BURNED a second time..
  4. well i cant put up anymore pics because my tamagotchi is broken!!
  5. from ebay japan... ARRGGH
  6. ok... I just bought new batteries, put them in, hit the reset button and NOTHING is appearing... My TMGC+C is broken after just 1 week of use!!! It totally totally sucks!!! Guys, any suggestions on how to fix my TMGC+C?
  7. actually im hoping that it was just low on batteries.. I'm going to the store now to buy new ones to try and test my theory
  8. You're in luck.. Here's some pictures I took of the weather types.. I used to have a lot more.. I can't find the others.. sorry I dont have dawn, sunset, overcast, lightning pics. click the links sunny day Day with puffy clouds Rainy day Clear sky with stars snowing Typhoon (my favorite weather)
  9. Ok, just now when I checked on my tama, the screen was unresponsive and frozen and when i pressed a button it made a long bleeping sound that wouldn't stop. I tried taking out the batteries and putting them back in but the bleeping sound just started again and wouldn't stop. After pressing the reset button for a long time, it finally stopped but now the screen won't light up. What happened? I just bought this TMGC+C a week ago. It has never experienced being dropped on the floor!
  10. Please help. I fell asleep until 12:00 noon so I wasn't able to take care of my TMGC+C. When I woke up, there was poop everywhere and she was sick BUT her happiness bar was still almost full. It's still in toddler stage but what I want to know is: Have i ruined my chance of getting a chamametchi? The chart says that to get a chamametchi it must have Good care. This is the only time I forgot to take care of it. What can I do to fix it? I don't want to get an ichigotchi.... UGH!!!
  11. that's the funny thing.. He didn't get mad at all! Hahahhaha!
  12. Yup yup. This is what it looks like.. flower festival Personally I prefer summer with the sunflowers. sunflowers
  13. I got my TMGC+C for only 55-60$. I bought it from JAPAN on ebay. I recommend this seller.. nuncha93 The gotchi he's selling is in only in yellow but its brand new. The picture is of the Tamagotchi I bought from him.
  14. Okay so I got my TMGC+C from ebay japan. I love it! It's absolutely awesome and funny! So, my kuribotchi planted a tree using the mystery seeds.. Then I find out that I should have planted hapihapi seeds. I decide to use the time set trick so the tree would grow up immediately so I could start over. Here's the funny part. When the tree matured, it was a tree with POOP on its branches! OMG. but the funny part was my Kuribotchi got insanely happy! I laughed and laughed so HARD! (here's the pic) I made my kuribotchi take a bath and sent him to bed right away! How dare he play with poop! When I looked at the bedroom screen, I went all "AWWWWW" at how cute it was!!
  15. cheating in a game is okay... cheating in real life is not.