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  1. yo, if they made a tama infused with pokemon, my life would hence forth be utterly completely. bandai + game freak, lets go lets goo

    1. Flare.exe


      Mametchi, I choose you!

    2. Puffy Snivy

      Puffy Snivy


  2. it was o: have you ever seen a real live moose?
  3. rawrr. hadnt realized the music star site went down; just recently put fresh batteries in these pups /:

    1. SailorRosette


      A while ago... Now japan has "tamagoland" I don't know if M.S. work there since I haven't looked too hard at it myself.

    2. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      Music Star does not work on TamaGoLand. :(

      Unfortunately, there is no more Music Star TamaTown.

    3. Owl


      So sad. I feel like just yesterday I had gone and bought a Music Star and was just discovering all that Music City had to offer. Good times... sadly, now past ones.

  4. xander petitchi 0yr 5lbs full meters zero stress t: 249 r:249 o:279 keyboard panda rock n roll unpausing zelda when xander evolves.
  5. zelda -paused- hitodenchi 0yr 10lbs full meters stress 5 t: 304 r:257 o: 328 rock n roll drums duck pandora is still with the shimashimachi and her daughter. hopfully around 4 or 5 il set the clock forward to start her and get her to a toddler before i leave work. her stats are maxed, keeping the toy a panda and the instrument a keyboard.
  6. if they did that, then it would probably be nintendo releasing it, and you could use the ds wifi for communication. i would play the hell out of this^ <33
  7. set the time ahead to 4:30 and married her off to a shimashimachi as well; got another girl. why cant i hatch any males :C pausing zelda until pandora leaves tomorrow morning.
  8. let the heart meters drop half way, let it get stressed, and over feed it when you do feed it. this should get you an average character
  9. nikistix left this morning at 6yrs. named the new girl zelda petitchi[f] 0yrs 5lbs full meters zero stress t: 269 r: 249 o: 279 had 0g when nikistix left /: good thing i have a toy shop x_x the match maker should come for pandora today. updates and status later.
  10. #1 awards in hip hop and r&b the other day. kept them on sleep yesterday and left them home. its way better then pausing.
  11. oh, 7826333571283481? yea, its big isnt it.
  12. ahh, sweeet ^^ can we get a preview? o: