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  1. Hey! Did you get you V4.5 yet? [:

  2. I have a tama in the mail that wont be here until the 6th. But I've been impatient lately, and possibly up to purchasing another one at a local toystore. I'll keep ya posted if I do! =)
  3. Is excited for my V4.5! Tell me what your favorite part of the 4.5s are! =

  4. Is excited for my V4.5! Tell me what your favorite part of the 4.5s are! =

  5. Today was a calm day for my tamas. Lots of food dished out today. I also bought both of them quite a few treats from the shop. =) Their gotchi points were just building up, and I also donated 1k to the King's founds. Not sure entirely if I want to go for the 5k challange, but it's a possiblity. We'll have to see, right? Kira and Seth both played ball today, and unfortunatly, I've sacrificed Abbie. I wasn't feeling the V2 at all. It was far too basic for my tama-cravings. I ended up ordering myself a V4.5 (since NO stores around here even sell tamas). I ordered the V4.5 in the Fall design, and it's estimated to arrive sometime next week. By then, Seth and Kira should be adults. Oh well, good time to hatch a new tama, right? XD Don't want the empty-nest syndrom, now. It's exciting to think of Kira and Seth as adults. They're both just so adorable now, I can't wait to see what they become. =) Anyways, no evlolving, but I'll update you with the stats. =) V3 Seth Full Hunger Full Happiness 4 Bars of training (oops XD I've been bad about that with him) 2 Yr 21 lbs Gen 1 Boy V3 Kira Full Hunger Full Happiness 6 bars of training 2 yr 21 lbs Gen 1 Girl RIP V2, but not really. XD
  6. Just ordered my V4.5! Can't wait to get it sometime next week!

  7. Just ordered my V4.5! Can't wait to get it sometime next week!

  8. The V3 is one of my favorites. It actually could be considered my favorite. I adore the characters, activities, ect. I like that it has the basic functions of a tamagotchi, with more games and interesting foods. XD Plus, character have more "personality" since they like and dislike certain foods.
  9. I feel an argument, or some sort of lawsuit with copywrite ideas of Pokemon. Plus, Tamas aren't meant to be violent. XD
  10. After a busy day at the game, (which we lost >.<), I was finally reuinited with my tamas. I let them visit each other and found out today that Seth likes Kira a little more than Kira likes Seth, which I find adorable! The two of them evolved into teenagers... Wait for it.... Wait for itt...... Both turned into Young Mametchi! =D So cute together~ Haha. MAYBE, they'll get married? I'm still debating on it, because I don't want to have the same tamagotchi on two tamagotchies. XD Edit: I didn't want to keep posting new posts, but I'm VERY excited. There's a new Tama added to the family! After many frustrating moments of battery-popping, screw-driving, extremely cautious insertion... the hatching had happened! Abbie V2 Hatched June 29, 2011 Gen. 1 Girl, obviously. XD She's very cute, but being a V2, she doesn't have much luxery as her brother and sister. Kira and Seth are both in their steamy baths. I've decided that I'd rather not have Kira and Seth get married, but if the two of them fall in love... who's to stop them? I just hope that the matchmaker will still come, even if they're connected. Wont it? Abbie is taking a nap...erm...right before bedtime? Sure. Haha. They're all very happy and pleased. Oh! And Kira tried BBQ today for the first time. I think she really liked it~ Seth needs to work on getting more gotchi points, but then again, Seth doesn't really eat a lot of food..hence no weight gain and not much action as far as gaming goes. I hope that they can both rack up a nice portion of gotchi points for their next generation. NO FAN MAIL YET! What is thiss??? >.< Kira and Seth would like to tell you that since in V3s they have no postal system, they'd like SOMETHING that they're (possibly future) sibling would be enjoying, and that they'd be skipping out of! If you message me your fan letters, I'll post them here! =) Do you have any advice for them? Any opinions of them getting married? Do you favor one over the other? Let us know! =)
  11. Going to the baseball game! You know, it's all kinda like a Tamagotchi. Someone starts it off, then as the game progresses, everything grows. ^.^ No? Too far stretched? Okay. XD

  12. Zack and Kira were so great yesterday! But I hope that they keep up the good attitudes today, because we're going to a Ray's game! I plan on pausing them sometime during the game because no one wants to be the only one not cheering due to their digital pets. But I just hate pausing, since I feel it takes from their life. =/ Sad, sad day. For me. Lets hope today goes smoothly! And that the Rays win! =D
  13. Though I wasn't planning on keeping it, I can rehatch my tama go. (I'm not all that crazy about the one that I got) I MIGHT even break open my V2, once I get the batteries. XD I'm excited. =) Haha.
  14. I believe you and your tamagotchi family are so cute together! =D

  15. I believe you and your tamagotchi family are so cute together! =D