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  1. I tried to PM you, but it said that you couldn't receive messages... I don't know where you found me as I haven't been online in more than a year, but I am happy to help out fellow tamas...






    I hope it still works. I haven't gone online Music City in years...

    Have a good gotchi ...

  2. can you please get me the nazotchi code please :)

  3. Oh plz will you give me the spot nazotchi or mocha code!

  4. When does it come out? I have looked at Walmart every day for [size/]4 WEEKS!!! Please tell me!
  5. He/she is saying that it always doesn't load and stops on 0%, Pinky. Have you left it to load for a while? Sometimes it just doesn't show progress... It happens to me all the time.
  6. But, can someone give me a Tama-Go code for Music City please?
  7. I can't find any Tama-Go's where I live (I don't even know if they are out yet...) And I really want to get on soem thing on Tamatown, so can someone please give me a code for it? Thank you...
  8. I just had a crazy idea... What if they are updating the new part of Music City today? It's crazy, but it may be...
  9. It let me change all of my things but it still won't let me in...
  10. I already made a new account. With the same information as the last and it actually let me...
  11. I have tried to get into my account on Music City. I entered the password correctly and the username correctly but it said that they didn't match. So, I tried to recover everything by putting in my email address, but it said that that email address had not been registered!!! Why can't I get into my account!??????!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!
  12. There is a guide that is way better than this: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=165502