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  1. OK so i got my new tama today and when i turned it on i set the time and then when it hatched i gave it food then thats when i noticed food already there? So meal had SCONE,SUSHI,BREAD,and CEREAL Then in snacks its CONE,PUDDING,TART,ORANGE plz help me and plz reply admin help too please
  2. well i would'nt do that what i do is get any close/openable case any color mine is grey is your want put picture of a tama then put a very soft cloth in there then the tamas go on top then the other side of the cloth you put it over your tamas and then tama batterise go on bottom of cloth and ect. tama stuff
  3. I love my tamas i would never give them up but i do sometimes feel this but i get over it really fast
  4. Ok this thing really good my attention espichally the 2-stories building part i am so getting those deco kits now ------------ Current Tamas:2 Music Stars and soon a 4.5 by mail Techno Grove: Rock City:
  5. Im getting a new V4.5 this by eBAY lol so i was wondering whats the differeance bettween like Ura (Ex.Theres Mametchi and then Ura Mametchi?) I was just wondering whats the diff?
  6. ok so im going to get a rare(it doesnt have an exact name but i looks like the earth)But i just want some one nice to tell me there user name and log in pass for tamatown v4/v4.5 because i just want a sneak peek befor i get my own and plz trust me i wont do anything to your tama (i will also play the games for you) JUST LEAVE YOUR USER NAME AND YOUR LOG IN PASS FOR TAMA TOWN V4/V4.5 thx and bye!