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  1. No...... Actually read my post where I said where I lived. it's NO WHERE in the states. Ummmm.......Australia?
  2. Dunno They told me you would never come around here. Don' wanna see your face, you better disapear. The fire in their eyes, and their words were really clear, so beat it, just beat it.
  3. If Kathy died, I'd be too happy to cry. if Katrina died, I'd be a little scared, because Kathy goes easier on me when Katrina's around. If Kayte died, I'd be scared and upset, because Kayte is my nicest sister, and I would't have a body gaurd!
  4. 2 story house, with furnished attic and basement, 6 bedrooms (one for each of my sisters, one for my parents, and a guestroom) 9 bathrooms (one in each bedroom, one in the basement, one in the main floor, and one in the attic), 4 acre yard, and HUDGE bedrooms!
  5. Done. Nobody was in the house. Mum and Dad are outside working on the new car. (Did you do the dare, goggle-face?) I dare TPBM to go outside and eat dirt.
  6. tjtj439tu3r!!!!! I like monkey butts!!!! Oh yah, do the friken bart man!! MEEEPPP!!!! (and you shoul've eaten the worm. ) I dare TPBM to.......... PM admin saying EXACTLY THIS: Dear Admin: I like waffels. And meatloaf! And popcorn! And SPAMMING!!!!!!!! Mwhahahahahahah! EAT THAT! -Super Spammer!!! (S.S.)
  7. Florida??????!!!!!!!!!!!! It said in the post below!!! Uhhh,....................... U.S.A.?
  8. My mum spends HOURS on the phone when one of her "friends" call, and treats my friends like their newborns. My dad sings in stores, talks to everybody in the stores FOREVER, never listens to me, treats my friends better than me, showing off how he's doing in online poker games. o.o
  9. ^ Obviously. And yes, UK. Now WHERE in the UK????? Ummm...... USA?
  10. OMG. My sister Kathy looked at me weird and said. "Get a hobby, dork." and my Mum was like "If you like that song, I'll download it on you MP4 for you right now." And I said "Oh, gawd. No." I dare TPBM to eat a worm, FULLY.
  11. Psshh, yeah. Like I live on a cold, rocky dwarf planet with no sun. XD Be serious. Thailand?
  12. I ban you because I hate my sisters.